Stop believing in magic mitigation& magic savior& let's #AbrogateCarbonNow

Stop believing in magic mitigation&magic savior& let's #AbrogateCarbonNow

Everybody must stop believing inaccurate estimates that we have 7 years left not to exceed most climate tipping points & erroneously believe the #CarbonStockParisAgreementMarket with carbon tax will mitigate permanent carbon deadly climate impacts& by 2050 get carbon zero, bc these are the greatest lies of BlackRock&CarbonCorps& G7& BRICS Govs & that JoeBiden is a magic savior& that magic CoVid Vacciness will save us from CoVidPademia& Famine.
The Artic&glaciars tipping points are already exceeeding with over 100°F, marine species are thousands extinct& most forests, the govs& agrochemical Corps& farming corps are extincting them and the Jet stream is extinct and no more bringing fresh polar winds to save us from scorching high temperatures that produce along with shale fracking, desertification sterile lands that will Famine us.
You can't mitigate or adapt to this almost permanent scorching heat conditions.
Carbon tax is a beggars chance thrown by Carbon Pandemic BlackRock, Carbon Corps, G7& BRICS govs and can't replace the trillion food production by mom and papa small organic farmers, nor replace extinct aquifers& dried lakes& rivers, which oilfracking caused, so we'll experience water wars& millions of people dying of dehidration& thirst!
As the tipping points of oceans are about to exceed, 70%oxygen produced by oceans are goingbextinct and 30% oxigen created by forests purification is permanently going away burnt. When there is no oxygen what oxygen will you breath but die and go extinct like fish without oxigen&food?
Don't be stupid you can't mitigate toxic carbon Pandemia gassing and we are going to experience slow extinction while talking of magic carbon mitigation& carbon adaptation magic lies invented to perpetuate carbon wealth by those above evil actors of state power, who are the only ones that can afford expensive technology to feed their oxigen tank on their backs while we/ 8 billion people unjustly die like fish without oxiygen& water.
Joe Biden is built a life of oil wars, oil subsidizing them and will expand 5x into 20x Carbon Pandemic emissions as soon as people elect him and his overfunded and militarized police which is killing unarmrd& innocent people of color in the streets, bc he is cconverted our streets of America in combat zones, he will suge his militsrized police in our streets as he surge in afhan streets after being elected with his fslse promise to end the oilAfhang war, he surge it, so #CarbonBiden is no savior but a racist who wrote all criminal laws ti wage war against people of color and spies on tax payers with his FreedomAct& secret Fisa Court and took away our Habeas Corpus relief since his omnibus law and PatriotAct/FreedomAct!
Since we have no time to wait anymore but save ourselves in this crisis time, let's vote for an American alternative environmentalist candidate in lieu of #CarbonGenociderBiden& #CarbonGebociderTrump!
And must join 1000 climate scientist call for Civil Disobedience and instead of subsidizing genocidal Carbon Corporations #AbrogateCarbonNowWithCivilDisobedienceAroundOilRefineries

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