Tense prelude to a deadly winter 2020 in Bolivia!

Tense prelude to a deadly winter in Bolivia!

We know sickly Arturo" Luther" Murillo since childhood& in 2020, old
Murillo still suffers his diagnosed ilnesses of being a pathological liar, polyneurotic, psychotic, megalomaniac...
But like F Lopez, Murillo is the type of sociopath, the Ciacivil contrsctors use & Erick hired him along with JeanineAnez Cohorts & imposed their contractees in power in Nov12 2019, through a suave military-civic Coup D'etat but masked as transitional Gov.
After Gov ministers Murillo& Lopez led the Sacaba& Senkata Genocides for which no one is penally processed, and after some political reversals and the hard reality Murillo's born again cristian adultress lover JeanineAnez infraestructurally blundered her chances to become elected. Erick advised them to cling to power through a machiavellian terror policy and these duet of death merchants hastily and without bid procedures, directly had the Govt, sign a large acquisition contract of weapons of mass control by deviating illegally money allocated to fight CoVid.
They consumated the delivery of these warfare weapons, the sa mbv e way they Anez- Murillo did with inflated four fold prices AnticoVid respirators.
But polarized military commanders leaked it to Gigavision news and Junior Arias Camera.
These secret& ilegal purchased overprice of warfare weapons happens as Bolivia& latinAmerica are on Covid's ascending exponential curb, while Bolivia's ill equipped sanitary infrastructure is nationally colapsed, people are suffering Covid famine, massive unemployment, massive forests fires and the deadly consequences of Anez ending prematurally Covid quarentine since may 25th 2020.
Murillo& Lopez, the diagnosed sociopaths are not about to give up and return a over 4 million dollars of profit they made, acquiring these overinflated weapons of mass control: Tear gas and using their countless death squats began to follow gigavision news staff, specially Junior Arias, who 4 days after publicly denouncing Murillo- Lopez overinflated acquisitions of tear gas, which they need for their upcoming Anez Autocoup D'etat to impose a straight military dictatorship& close Congress & clamp down on media& rule by decree.
Their death threats caused Jr Arias to abruptlty resign & Gigavision jounalists afraid of deadly reprisals, have began to autocensure news to appease Murillo-Lopez!
indigenous house members began an investigation on another AnezGov's corruption scandal.
Anez term ends mid july 2020 and this congressional investigation on Murillo-Lopez multimillion acquisicion of overpriced tear gas, etc, is about to put DictatorAnez in regresive count to leave office due to an implicit denyal of extension of gov to remain in power bc they are corrupt!
But Erick is a professional Coup maker who is been running Bolivia since the seventies decade and Anez is got almost ready her Fujimori like AutoCoup D'etat, to remain in office perpetually and rule by decree.
These uncertainty and dark growing tension are prelude to a deadly winter2020_ june-September, where the fate of 12 million environmentalist indigenous AmericanBolivians will be decided!

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