The regressive time clock is ticking Anez AutoCoup D'etat in Bolivia!

The regressive time clock is ticking Anez AutoCoup D'etat in Bolivia!

Had Bolivians listened to Dr Felipe Campos to materialize the May3 Elections, Bolivia would already have had a Constitutional& stable democratically elected president, instead of Eric Foronda's manequin dictator J Anez who is burning the future of Bolivian children's by over10 million hectares of trees for toxic transgenic soy& red meat latifundio, secretly gave away trillonaire lithium, is genociding them with Carbon Pandemic, CoVid Famine, CoVid Pandemic, CoVid corruption involving billions of dollars& a post TCP Auto Coup D'etat if Anez colluding TCP chickens out not to grant her another 6 months extension in power.
You see, Wacha J Anez can't win any elections, now or in 6 months bc en vironmentalists of Bolivia have recorded countless lies, defrauding, failed to enacted an anti CoVid Plan, dumped her CoVid responsabilities over the Governors & municipalities but denied them funds and pocketed billions of dollars to fight Covid; failed to enact any significant CoVid tests before she ended on June 1st the Nal quarentine and forced carbon business as usual & even when all the candidates and parties, including hers, agreed along TSE, to have Sept6 2020 Elections, hence gave her in a silver plate her wish to have september elections, but behold, Jeanine Wacha Anez doesn't want September elections anymore& sent deadly threats by her faced painted military commanders to promote them or face the consequences!
The ALP Congress under Eva Copa has refused to bow down to deadly threats and now DictatorAnez is not only threatening the humanity of Eva Copa but she is witch hinting Copa, as a heartless Colonial inquisitor, intending to imprison Copa, for not submitting and for being the upcoming July president!
As a matter of fact Civil contractor E Foronda along with her manequin Anez, have already spent and received overpriced weapons of mass control& handed them to the military and police for them to deploy troops, should their judicial colluder TCP chickens out to grant her another 6 months extension of power, and materialize her AnezMorazo AutoCoup D'etat, to close ALP Congress and Defacto rule perpetually by decree and not by DeJure!
It's no secret, Anez exiled Brinksman& veteran elections campaigner Dr Felipe Campos, is brain fighting Veteran CoupMaker E Foronda, whose advisor tenure began with dictator Banzer& has been directing Coups in Bolivia, with his most recent being Anez Nov12 2019 Coup.
Dr Campos has wisened the LAP congress and asked them to take preventive measures not to be imprison any time now that the clock of the Anez AutoCoup is regressively running& has asked Congress to put Anez in check mate by not extending her July ending time.
Senate president E Copa is not going to extend Anez ending term: Anez will find out she is on check mate and acording to veteran Dr Campos, Anez is playing her last act of two episodes.
Episode1: Awaits her generals rank promotions and should TCP deny her granting Anez 6 more months, she will execute
Episode2: Deploy her military and police and close ALPcongress and genocide environmentalists with bullets (as she did in Sacaba and Senkata) CoVid Pandemic, CoVid Famine & fill prisons to silence the people and rule perpetually by decree!
Tragically she will find out, should she execute her Auto Coup D'etat, she can't govern and her masters will have to land their marines but even in 100 years they won't be able to govern, bc Bolivia's people have a historical record of resisting colonialists and like in Irak, they will have to withdraw& let Bolivians decide their own affairs!
J Anez don't be a fool and don't end up your life in Chonchocoro prison as Garcia Meza& Arce Gomez!
You tried, you failed to materialize elections which was your only mandate. Leave now,
bc if you unleash Erick's plans of Coup D'etat and rule by decree you can't last a year nor a military gov, bc the CoVid Pandemia you imported from Italy and are using as a weapon to perpetuate in power at the cost of countless victims, who you stole from, antiCoVid money, the Covid tests money, the respirators money, etc
CoVid is boomeranging against you and there is no way you can govern a country without cash, bc CoVid's rising curve is becoming reality in July 2020, 10 million hectares you are burning for toxic transgenic soy and toxic red meat, along with CoVid Pandemia& Carbon Pandemis is created, a Co vid Famine for Bolivian environmentalists.
ANGRY, PAINED and tormented by CoVid Famine, desperate, mad& hungry masses of people will corrall you and god have mercy of your soul if Erick is able to supernaturally fly you to Miami as he flew desperate escapee Goni!

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