#TickingBombArturoMurillo, the #ButcherOfSacaba, threatens Congressmen with death!

#TickingBombArturoMurillo, the #ButcherOfSacaba, intimidating Congressmen, threatens them with death!

Anez& Murillo are almost finishing their Auto Coup D'etat but they don't have the IMF money to buyout the loyalties of remaining key army garrison commanders to execute the AutoCoup D'etat. And Murillo having received veteran master coup- maker Erick Foronda's orders, went on the offensive against the Indigenous 2/3 ALP congress, attempting to frame them for an alleged Coup D'etat against his adulteress lover J Anez Gov.
Sociopath&Psychotic& Megalomaniac #TickingBombArturoMurillo is subverting the hard reality of Anez Transitional dictatorship ending next july. But to cling to power #TickingBombArturoMurillo is proceeding to demonize unarmed, peaceful law-abiding congressmen, accussing them of being armed terrorists who are ready to committ mass assassinations of police& military soldiers & repeated his threats of genocide, "We are going to use fighter jets to crash Tropical Chapare indian terrorists" with his most recent deadly ultimatum to Congress members, " soon as you shoot a policeman, shoot a military soldier, you will feel deadly consequences as you felt them last November!"
Murillo's genocide threats are part of the pattern of genocidal threats by his colleagues, among them, Yerko Nunez, who sentenced, "Should indigenous cause caos, we guarantee you, the police won't even declare a state of emergency/exception but will wiped them off the streets as we did last November" referring to their genocide by uncobstitutional decree 4078, with which they committed #Genocide Sacaba& #Genocide Senkata, and these war crimes against unarmed en ironmental indigenous civilians, the Anez Government protected them and the minister of Defense Lopez& Murillo, both Cia operatives who executed these genocides are scot free.
Lopez name of war is, "The Butcher of Senkata" and Murillo earned his name of war, "The Butcher of Sacaba"
No party can execute a Coup D'etat but Anez the Anti environmentalist who talks of the santity of life by both sides of her crooked mouth but has committed genocide after genocide. Bc she is purchased with dollars, the loyalties of the Military& police forces& has the monopoly of force& guns & AntiCovid respirator, antiCovid tests and antiCovid reactants and the media in Bolivia, she is demonizing the congress and peresecuting the July presidencial upcoming successor president EvaCopa by attempting to judicialize and frame her as the seditious head of congress, which is an outright lie and Murillo is repeating their pattern to frame their foes.
Eva has not cracked and yielded to extend her another 6 months extension bc Anez& Murillo know they loose elections& DMedina wants tonprivatize all the state companies and get the millions of dollars Anez& DM sold to US corporations who will reap off trillions of Litio- Dollars by purchasing it for pennies.
Dr F Campos, exiled by Anez for having denounced her for committing Genocide sacaba& Genocide Senkata and denounced her for refusing to quarentine Bolivia last Dec2019, causing Covid deaths and having no AntiCovid plan and refusing to test Bolivians& irresponsibly forcing them to return to work by prematurely ending the quarentine June1, Anez tried and keeps failing to use Covid Pandemia as a political weapon and election winning card, but she is failed bc the Pandemia is bommeraging on her with CoVidFamine, Carbon pandemia and upcoming winter masdives protests, demanding elections, which she refuses to sign for Sept6 2020, accusing falsely environmental indigenous opponents to her burning 0ver 10 million hectars for her toxic transgenic soy&her own cattle interests in Beni.
Dr F Campos is advised Congress not to extend her expiring term& elevating senate president Eva Copa to president to materialize the elections and leave the military promotion of ranks to the next constitutional elected president bc, no transitional Gov has any rights but only to call for elections, and take cautiousvstepsvto secure congressmen's safety and freedom so they don't end up ambushed, arrested andvthrown to concentration camps or coldly murdered as congressman Marcelo Quiroga SCZ was ambushed& executed by company's operatives among the death squat paramilitary, on the spot without any hearing nor trial!
And that congressmen must resist Anez Coup D'etat, which is ticking regressively its final days, for its coming!

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