Uighur sanction bill against China is incomplete!

The Uighur approved bill needs to be follow by economic sanctions& blacklisting of chinesse officials!

Trump signed the Uighur bill, condemining the massive political persecution of peaceful religious islamic dissenters in systemic secret concentration camps, we've been denuncing for years of violations of human rights, which include forcefully reeducating unconstitutionally arrested& imprisoned religious minorities such as khazaks, Kyrgish, Hui...
These chinesse pattern of violations of human rights is similar to the violations of human rights in internal exile at secret concentration camps, committed by the chinesse government against peaceful religious Tibetans lead by the Dalai Lama.
Though is the right step to aid our Uighur neighbors, it needs to be followed by economic sanctions to dent Chinesse Authoritarism!
This heartless chinesse Authoritarism is against Xinjian, Honk Kong and Taiwan.
Right know the chinsee Authoritarians have clamp down on free media and social media, after they assimilated from the USA: National security law, the chinesse enacted it against Hong Kongers.
We are being blocked and electronically jammed from knowing the true reality & appalling human rights violations Beiging is commmitting secretly!
Mr Trump we challenge you to punish the chinesse economy& blacklist chinesse officials who are the authors of the ongoing violations against Hong Kongers, the citizens of Xinjiang and Taiwan!

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