USA's Racist carbon candidates overfund racist deadly police!

USA's Racist carbon candidates Overfund Deadly Police!

#TrumpIsEvil&says what u see is what u get!
#RacistCarbonBiden #RacistCarbonHarris perpetuate concealed racism&carbon pandemia bc white people think both are best for America.
Put urself in innocent people of color shoes& u can't be released under Biden's Abrogated Habeas Corpus Added3 strikes ur out& Biden did not fund job training& rehabilitating people!
Electing Biden&Harris increases police, prisons&racism bc these 2 made career expanding police power with legislation& inmunity& impunity laws!
Both refuse to defund police&we're killed by overfunded&racist police not only in USA bc these same racist deadly police trains police globally, so they replicate a global overfunded racist deadly police as their american trainers!

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