We don't need the opressive police& being unjustly espied on, who does?

We don't need the repressive police& being spied on unjustly, who does?

I used to be a police supported by when the police began injuring& framing people I knew, began to question whether trusting police was walking like a horse with blinders that can barely see what's ahead and not the whole view.
Then I got a call from my peaceful mentor but getting a flat tire couldn't make it to the meeting he urgently invited me.
Then when reached me news my mentor had been shot on the back, outside the meeting place and wounded kidnapped and i publicly condemned the govt having ordered the coward shooting of my mentor & friend. Shortly after without a court warrant was arrested by police, denied habeas corpus, tortured & exiled..survived but was left with PTSD.
Decades have past and being a retired academician , looking at my unjust ordeal experience at the hands of the police and they turning me to the gov's political police, a secret repressive aparatus, taught me gov uses a repressive police and a torturing secret political police run by BlackRock, Carbon Corporations, Gov& police.
From then on never needed the police. Most citizens do not need the police. So why every city wastes 40% of its budget, to pay high salaries and fat pensions to a police that doesn't protect us but spies on innocents citizens?
We taxpayers are forced to subdize rich carbon corporations properties with free police protection paid by our local, State& federal taxes and that is a shame and waste.
Rich carbon corps should pay their own security guards and stop using police and our military forces to defend their private toxic oil& carbon interests that produces carbon pandemia that threatens to extinct us.
We could use that 40% for a Civilian Community services Corps that serves our communities, health insurance, etc.
Police only exists to keep tin powet these dominant actors of state power and supranational state power that needs carbon to enrich themselves at our cost, our health and lives and destroys everything aroundvwhen it extracts toxic oil& gas!
These actors of power to keep carbon business as usual, conspire, frame, collude, retaliate & conduct an ever growing unlawful surveillance and desinformation propaganda to brain wash us to see what they conveniently show and decide what is good for us.
But no, its not good for us, but good for their interests and safety of their hoarding monopolistic carbon cartel interests.
Nowadays their carbon cohorts Apple, Amazon, google, microsoft, Facebook, etc keep perfecting their racist algorithms to feed their eavesdropping & facial recognition commoddities, for which they profit with billionaire contracts with govs and yet masdively propagandize they are against a big brother police state& put on their alibies& disclaimers, "we will not sell facial recognition to the USA government or police on the USA, nor eavesdropping devices, until there are new federal laws that regulate them. Meantine we sale our technological devices in the global market with a contract to police that it can be only used to catch criminals& not innocent bystandards"
Instead of abrogating their abisive and intrusive ilegal spying devices, they harm us tax payers, bc, they sell it to the USA police through third parties, who shipped to them from the international markets, qhere these mentioned giant transnational corporations sell it through their offshoots.
It has bern proven by the ACLU and others , that their racist algorythm spying devices are used by police on airports, street light changing traffic devices, etc that capture innocents faces in their electronic eyes. images that go to the racist police and Apple, amazon etc.And when innocents face criminal charges as consequence of those intrusive devices' errors, the public defenders are stonewalled by these mentioned Corporations under their legal excuse of copy rights.
We tax payers pay the high salaries& fat pensions of congressmen, asked congress to step in to deter these violations of human rights of innocent people erroneusly identified by facial technology but congress refuses to fix it and on the contrary congress has approved taking our constitutional rights away by enacting countless laws giving excessive abusive powers , inmunity& impunity to police& among those countless federal abusive opressive laws are the 1994 Biden-Clinton authored onmnibus law& the patriot law/freedom Act Law, the secret court FISA, etc
As VP Biden refused to abrogate his omnibus law& refuses along most congressmen to abrogate them. And both refused to defund the police. So we are before a Big brother State police formed by all these actors of state power, and the three branches of Gov& their repressive aparatus to control anticarbon protestors& criminalized them, which is the police, who uses these spying devices known as Sonno, Alexa, Nest, IA, etc, which are added or stored in your phone to dennounce what you say at home against carbon& the gov and the police. And even if you are a digital engineer, and clean your phone to avoid GPS, eavesdropping you and you turn it off.
Guess what?
As your phone sleeps, These giant transnatiobal mass technology corporations andbthe police get all your info from your sleeping phone.
Now tell me why you want to find the police, the gov and these transnational corporations to keep harming you& your children? bc once they get your face into their files, they will use it to harm you, bc all these mentioned actors of state power are colluding to keep milking theirtoxic carbon cow, perpetually and when you are going to protest, don't be surprised to be run over by the police, or white aryan racists who got your face, through as discussed above.
To give ourselves a chance to survive and not be killed by these mentioned carbon actors of state power, we need to #DefundThePolice, #DefundTheMilitary, #DefundCongress

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