We reject #RacistNakedEmperorCarbonBiden & #RacistNakedCarbonEmperorTrump: Need environmentalist Alternate US Candidate!

We reject #RacistNakedEmperorCarbonBiden& #RacistNakedEmperorCarbonTrump
Need environmentalist Alternate Candidate!

#RacistNakedEmperorCarbonBiden is increased Police shootings on innocent tax payers, overfunded killer police, proliferated prisons, converted American streets in war zones, with militarized police armoured carriers& assault rifles& war forbidden tear gas, police deadly choqueholds, neverending oil wars, oil subsidiez and racist pandemic& carbon Pandemic since 1974_2020
#NakedEmperorCarbonTrump is committed along with Biden, sexual assaults, racism increase, killer police, bailouts for carbon Corps and starving americans& death squatsmilitiamen in our streets from 2017_2020
We need environmentalist alternate US candidate4 president not to be stuck with #ConcealedRacistNakedEmperorCarbonBiden or his evil twinTrump!

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