" #WeWillRememberTheSilenceOfOurFriendsSilenceIsTheirBetrayal"MLK

Biden admitted since 1974 every major racist crime bill& minor racist crime bill has his name on it. And to lock up blacks, he overfunded by fed tax dollars, countless billions of dollars countless prisons and as VP, he overfunded police with armoured carriers and war assault rifles and war forbidden tear gas to use it against protestors, militarizing police and converting our streets in war combat zones like the ones in Irak& aghanistan, he went on to war, and the results of his war in american streets we see it daily by police shock holding blacks, latinos& indians& shooting them on the back to death in our streets. His racist omnibus law has caused imprisoning& killing blacks 5 times greater than whites and the fact he is abrogated Habeas Corpus as Lincoln had suspended Habeas corpus proves Biden's cancelatuon of Habeas Corpus is due to the war in our streets he caused by his enacting bills, policies during his congressional& vicepresidential and candidacy years. For 3 years CarbonTrump has racistly war against on us and his inflamatory slogans& racist rethoric from his podium& irresponsibility with our dying climate is inforgivable unpardonable and he must be gone, so We're not going going to be fools giving him an undesrving platform & have asked Bodem to sign notarized contract to abrogate Carbon, abrogate his gun laws which jave proliferated guns in our streets that kill innocents, abrogate his omnibus law, abrogate his bills granting inmunity and qualified inmunity and impunity to trigger happy police and in view of his perennial police reform keeps failing to abrogate his but overfunds the police, but he is reject to abrogate them all because too many years of shackeling & imprisoning blacks and murdering them. But unrepentant and old, Biden is publically refuse to his FreedomAct law, and refuses to abrogate all his enacted laws and resintate Habeas Corpus but Biden refuses and rejected to defund his overfunded racist police and along with Trump he keeps protecting his overfunded, inmunized& impune police force, who keep killing our innocent, unarmed and complying people and with double standard talks of reform which are failed band aids to his metastized cancerous police and like T Harding talks of racial harmony& uniting people but refuses to abrogate his enacted racist bad laws, onmunity, impunity and overfinding of his racist deadly police that keeps kiing our people of color, specially blacks and proudly talks of his accomplished 150 thousand racist police Biden- Clinton hired during Clinston's 8 years, which habe to each state 30K racist police who keep killing us.
If you are incline to vote for Biden or Trump, know with your vote you are perpetuating the killings of our people of clor, specially blacks& nothing uou say or do like Biden will resurrect countless victims killed by Biden's legislations since 1974 to 2020 and tell the innocent orphans and widows all words you like like Biden to Gianna Floyd but their pain, famine and tears you are perpetuating more than 400 years and you can't ressurect their George Floyd parents by voting for Biden or Trump who overfunds his killing racist police, but voting for an Alternative environment candidate, ensures the orphans and widows won't be killed by racist police, carbon pandemic or by Biden's or Trump's imposed shackels of poverty and shackels of famine but cared and not demonized and marked for death by the color of our skins, " in the end, WeWillRememberTheSilenceOfOurFriendsSilenceIsTheirBetrayal" MLK, countlessly assasinated by the silence of institutionalized countless Bidens&Trump foes...

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