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To be or not to be vaccinated against CoVid19!

To be or not to be vaccinated against CoVid19! It's friday and ots the deadline for 30 million taxpaying workers to get back some of the taxes paid by Republican& Democrats in congress to agree and aprove unemployment insurance payments to pay their rent bills but Trump's death cultist Mitch McConnell wants employers' liability law to protect them for sending to Work their workers in second wave CoVid deadly conditions and be killed in mass and their widows and orphans will have no legal right to sue for their bread earners' wrongful death! But Trump's deadly twin, #CarbonJoe Biden for all his talk doesn't care whether we workers die or live and he is continued to refuse to lead street protests for 30 million workers to get it and keeps hiding in silence till he gets elected! Biden's evil Twin Carbon Trump continues competing with him as a violent caudillo and unblinking his against our countries increasing protestors, specially us Portland Protest

remain healthy& alive than die for Biden or Trump

We owe it to our children& grandchildren to remain healthy& alive than die for Biden or Trump! BlackRocker Carbon Dixicrats JoeBiden& DTrump for all their empty speeches and promises, they don't really care what happens to 333 million citizens but are ready to pull the card race to deceive us & directed us to the slaughter house on Nov3 2020, each promising to make America Great again, as if America is not great without these 2 narcissistic megalomaniac, neurotic& psychotic candidates. These brutal police overfunders& carbon pushers, self righteous& self serving SOBS and their paid spin heads tell us, they care for workers but as friday deadline for unemployment insurance approaches to severe the umbilical chord and leave 30 million taxpaying workers, their families and our Country in the cold carbon epidemic and CoVid pandemic tsunamies, to fend by ourselves or sink. It becomes clear they never cared what happens to millions of american families! F

FaceBook, Google, Amazon& Apple heroes or monopolistic racketeers?

FB, Google, Amazons, Apple, heroes or monopolistic racketeers? Facebook, Google, Amazons&Apple wishfully think they are Robin Hoods who create wealth for everybody! The above are a monopolistic cartel who attended a hearing before a US congressional commitee antitrust hearing and told the wonders they do globally but both parties who are antitrust house subcommittee members had investigators evidence, were not only skeptic but questioning them about their power to crush competitors, extort high fees from customers, hoard out huge cistomers data, sell customers data without our consent, etc These CEO-con-men were welll rehearsed by their large law firm on how to give long and vague answers ti kill time and not give information that may stiffle their covert cartel monopily and anti competition covert policies and kept conning them that tik tok gives them competitition, an outrageous lie, given the puny businesd size of tik tok. And M Zuckerberg was the head teflon face who candi

Inhuman Abuses in China where National Security Law allows Kidnapings

4 brave Hong Kongers are kidnapped as a consequence of Beijing's National Security law :inhuman abuses! Beiging keeps violating Hong Kongers human rights, including their freedom of Speech by using as a weapon of war, Chinesse National Security law and terrorizing Hong Kongers by lying & redefining the right of assambly, the right to express their constitutional grievances against the Chinesse Gov and their freedom of Speech, as subversive, separatist, secessionist, treacherous against China. These malicious& insidious accusations and their unconstitutional kidnapping of four prominent Hong Kongers, are a violation of UN Chater, a violation of of the 50 year treatise China-UK signed until 2047 to preserve Hong Kongers autonomous status. In 1997, The UK by signing this 50 year truce in exchange for China to fully take territorial control of Hong Kong, unjustly sold out the freedom and lives of Hong Kongers and their english mea culpa of handing citizenship to Hong Konger

Dictator Must let vote sept 6th of face national civil disobedience.

Bolivian Plebiscite' decision: By August3 Dictator must let them vote on Sep6 2020 or National Civil Disobedience! Indigenous environmentalists tired of being persecuted by Dictatorial Jeanine Anez, tired of CoVidFamine and Anez lack of a CoVid plan& multiple cancelations of elections, self orgazined and without any central leadership, are marching throughout Bolivia demanding Sep6 2020 Elections, CoVid tests for everyone, demand importation of badly needed respirators, which Anez has talk& talk uselessly, but failed continuosly to provide badly needed respirators and hospital beds and protest against the Lithium give away to USA Corporations instead of building batteries & export them worlwide with agregate value. The self summoned protestors marched Nationally and gave Monday August3 2020 is the deadline for Dictator Anez to reinstate Sep6 2020 presidencial, congressional... elections or face the frustration, anger and pain of desperate People with all Gov persec

Genocider J Anez committed Black November 2019's Genocides in Bolivia!

Genocider J ANEZ ordered her military, police& death squats summary executions of unarmed, peaceful& innocent Indigenous climate defenders during Black Novembr 2019 in Bolivia! Anez cancelled Elections multiple times, including Sep6! Marching4ElectionsNow!

The People's peaceful Vangardists are fighting for the future of USA& Humanity!

The People's peaceful vanguardists are fighting for the future of USA&Humanity in Portland, Oregon & beyond! Never mind the unthankful mighty bitches BlackRockers in Gov attacking with weapons of war against our own tax payers, who pay their fat salaries& fat pensions, bc The People's peaceful vanguard brigades of The Wall of Moms dressed on yellow; gas blowing dads wearing orange; School teachers wearing green decal, "Teachers against tyrants", Health professionals off work wearing white, scientists wearing " Scientists for Black Lives Matter": purple dressed lawyers with shirts decal "Lawyers for BLM"; vets wearing a helmet of their branch, etc. These civil brigadists are the core of society and are the vanguard against CarbonTrump's tyranni through his deadly paramilitary FedOfficers&police like Nazi SS officers, one step a time, materializing ilegal martial law without just cause& against the Constitution& the P

Our Empathy, solidarity and salute to professor Maureen Healy...

Our Empathy, solidarity and salute to professor Maureen Healy, our antifacism survivor and hero for Mother Earth's, Racial Justice's & Social Justice's Martyrs& Survivors! We peaceful protestors, exercising our constitutiobally mandated grievances are continuing to be singled out, ambushed and cowardly attacked and shot at, throughout the globe by Black Rocker carbon Corporatists& their cohorts govs and their repression aparatuses. Health& life have no price and we are not in it for money nor are for sale or for corporatists gofts to buy us out. We are voicing peacefully to AbrogateCarbonNow, AbrogateRedMeat AbrogateArmsrace AbrogateNuclearplants AbrogateRacism AbrogateTheocraticReligions bc they enslave humans for something that can't be shown, etc. Countless peaceful Climate defenders have been singled out unjustly by Govs, racial injudti e protestors shot with chemical weapons, tear gas canisters at point blank and evidence has shown the pa

Deadly Black Rock CarbonCorporatists have placed themselves above the rule of law!

Deadly BlackRock CarbonCorporatists have placed themselves above the rule of law! We retired academicians have proven you in previous postings, how through forgeries and agendas, some SCOTUS/U S Supreme court justices, created and legalized the FAKE into legal Corporate personhood, clearly since WWI& WWII, these corporations have immensely more legal rights than we naturally born citizens/persons and more rights than The People itself! As a matter of fact since SCOTUS violative ruling in CITIZENS UNITED, they can legally buyout the elections by pouring billions into propaganda to unsit congressmen or candidates that oposoe carbon collusion and their carnon interests, and routinely from local to state to federal elections, these Black Rocker carbon corporations put in office their carbon presidential candidates such as JoeBiden& Trump, so no matter the former or the later being endorsed by people's vote, we the people are at loss bc only their elite corporatists candida

...protest kidnapping of innocent protestors by nameless Federal officers!

Denounce, shame & protest kidnappings of innocent peaceful protestors by nameless Federal officers! I take my hat off before survivors from concentration camps and hope people who committed crimes against humanity, when captured may tell us of their victims, to save the victims or at least find their remains, pay our respect& ceremonially put them to rest. Like our law abiding& peaceful mentor Dr Felipe Campos an exilee& survivor of torture, I realize the value of health& life have no price and its a sacred human duty to aid kidnapped victims of State& of the state's repressive arms against law abiding, innocent, unarmed and peaceful humans, be citizen or immigrant, binational, etc. The CIA & the School of the Americas' military members directed the above crimes against humanity through their money purchased& submissive foreign military officers who were trained in the USA, etc. Dr Felipe Campos lost Marcelo Q SCZ, his close friend Miss Ar

...same CarbonBankers are gassing us with deadly Carbon gases!

After gassing our innocent grandparents, these same CarbonBankers are gassing us with deadly carbon gasses! Trump played the sadist game to masacre peaceful Wall of mothers& Wall of fathers protecting people of color protestors and falsely blame the economic ills of our nation on protestors by demonizing Americans as anarchists, terrorists & seditious people who came to destroy everything and sickly called his own republican congress women, "f...bitches" and while hiding true statustics of CoVid victims, Black Rocker CarbonTrump sought to score a violent victory over them, cocky enough to turn his loosing polls into an electoral victory as a "Strong law& order reelected president" but its all backfiring on him, bc our economy is in shambles due to CoVid, his refusal to accept& sign the 3 billion corona virus legislative relief package aproved by Congress last may, which includes unemployment checks for 30 million workers-tax payers. And then turni

Join Civil Disobedience till Carbon dictator J Anez flees!

Go to the streets& join Civil Disobedience till CarbonDictatorAnez flees! Most underdeveloped countries who are rich in natural resources are being people's candidates are decapitated with illegal framing of charges& their elections delayed multiple times, to rig elections so Black Rock puppet carbon govs perpetuate themselves in power. Matter of fact, Ecuador, & Bolivia are evidence of Black Rock electoral undemocratic & unpopular manipulations against the will & the interest of the people! In Ecuador Former President Rafael Correa's party has been ilegally banned from presidential elections! If the people organizes throw long & extended massive civil disobedience, they can be reinstated, else Carbon Corporatists will impose their exclusive elections with only carbon candidates! In Bolivia BlackRock through its puppet dictator CarbonJeanineAnez, are executing 3 dictatorial political impositions. 1] Through their imposed& controlled TSE&

...stop kidnapping peaceful American protestors!

Do Not Pay Taxes Until Federal Officers W/O badges Stop Kidnapping peaceful American protestors! Black Rock EliteCarbonCorportists can't get out from their Authoritarian-theocratic-academic dwarf helmets, imprisoning their brains and wrongly assume immigrants and people of color are linked to violent protests, hence follow CarbonTrump's & Xi Jinping's, Merkel's National Security laws, trying to impose their State-police-order, under their malicious excuse of "Law and order" and use CoVid19 and their militarized police as weapons&tools of social control, to preserved global Black Rock-Carbon Corporatists' interests & profits w/o caring for the deaths they are causing by simply demonizing their victims as anarchists& narco-terrorrists seditious trying to take away their normalcy. They've got it wrong bc peacefulnprotestors expressing their constitutional grievances are no anarchists, narcoterrorists, nor seditious but are the tax payer

CarbonPandemiaJoeBiden & CarbonPandemiaTrump made careers out of lying!

CarbonPandemiaBiden& CarbonPandemiaTrump made careers out of lying! Alleging being under attack by anarchists, terrorists& violent people, Trump&Biden have made a career out by lying perpetually. These 2 Gemini twins are paranoid, neurotic, psychotic, megalomaniac, narcissist carbon Pandemia genociders, who to win elections, are wearing the hat of patriotism, the socks of americanism & present themselves as alleged saviors, announced by FOX and CBS. What these pseudo saviors& their media is not tellling you, it's all lies. Both label anarchists, to all black victims who question their racist policies. They label terrorists to protestors who present their grievances against the killing of people of color. Trump is converted this federal officers in Black shirt SS, who attack The Wall of Moms, who are protecting black peaceful protestors from ending unjustly killed as George Floyd, whose last call before being police murdered was to call his mom to protec

JeanineAnez dictadora Boliviana es incurable

  JeanineAnez es incurable neurotica, megalomaniaca& psicotica q gobierna a pura mentiras xq no puede dejar de mentir& no puede dejar el poder xq no puede enfrentar la realidad de ser 1 fracasada q se encaramo en el poder por golpe&genocidio Sacaba&Senkata

Not 2035 nor 2050 carbon neutral, Abrogate Carbon Now AbrogateRedMeatNow!

Not 2035, nor 2050 carbon Neutral, #AbrogateCarbonNow !!! #AbrogateRedMeatNow Gretings to our law abiding, peaceful and active climate defenders, specially Dutch citizens like Wouter Mouton& his daughter& countless Greta climate justice defenders from Fridays for Future... Today, let's ask ourselves what's on our food? Our water& the oxygen we breath? Countless billons of meat eaters don't realize their animal red meat costs gigatons of toxic Carbon emitted by transport ships' traveling over 10K miles if it comes from the Amazon-Andean region, from transgenic cows grown by hormones, fed by transgenic soy high in excessive antibiotics, to grow them in half the time organicly bred &raised by organic grass. You consume this red meat genetically altered for a few years, plus transgenic chicken meat, fed by transgenic soy& e cessibe vaccines, antibiotics& hormone growth and excessive carcinogenic Round up and/ or gliphosate suddenly you are obese

Trapped in between badcop- goodcop Biden's&Trump's game!

Trapped in between Biden-Trump bad cop-good cop game. As tax payers and citizens we are targetted to use our vote& after the carbon conman is elected, they don't need us till next election& forget to honor their electoral promises and they use our vote to allege, I was elected you can't fire me for my bad job performance in office! Biden used trillions of dollars to overfundpolice& make countless prisons, made multiple Neverending Oil wars, took away our Habeas corpus and intoxicate us with methane, carbon dioxide gas, nitrogene oxide. But mother Theresa like Biden recites to con once himself, "Americans, I care for you, I will provide you child care, care for your senior citizen parents and pay you for caring for caring for your parents" But who is going to believe this fake mother Theresa, who send our soldiers to die in the surge in Neverending oil wars, to enrich himself along with his carbon genociders? When he was VP disposing of trillions of d

I Trust my Natural inmune you?

I trust my natural inmune system bc it made me a Sars2-CoVid survivor without vaccines. Do you? BlackRockers CarbonCorporatistsFascists& cohort Govs are using the unconstitutional NDAA to kidnap, deprive of sleep and have the sleep deprive sign confessions and condition to turn another protestor/Climate defenders in order to be released. It's the repetition of Nazi Brown shirts policy, fed officers w/o name tags are kidnapping and getting sleep deprived innocents to sign false written confessions& turned the kidnapped ones, against their fellow climate protestors/ BlackLivesMatter, evidenced in Portland, Oregon, USA. Some of these kidnapped victims were released by refusing to waive their constitutional rights to public trial by a jury, are being clandestinely flown to middle Eastern secret prisons as High Value Detainees, which was imposed by Bush& Obama-Biden and the present Carbon Gov. This is BlackRocker carbon Corporatists& cohort Carbon-govs waging their

...patriot-saviorCandidates RepublicanDemocrats are carbon gas genociders!

Remember your history: Patriot-saviorCandidates RepublicanDemocrats are Carbon gas genociders! People thought the way to get rid of George W Bush- Cheney's NeverEnding oilwars & violations of civil rights by laws like the patriot act was to replace Republicans with Democrats Obama-Biden for 8 years, but this latter harms more than Bush, bc not only surged the neverending oil wars and didn't return to americans our right to Habeas Corpus Relief against abusive fascistGov but added to Bush Patriot law in 2011 when renewing it, the National Defense Authorization Act/NDAA, which nowadays is being used against us by militarized federal officers who kidnap peaceful protestors without charge and detain them in secret prisons without the right to legal due process as they do in foreign battlefields of their neverending oil wars against alleged terrorists. Who is a terrorist? Not one armed with any war weapons but anyone who questions authority& civil right abuses in America

Defund the Military...who made our streets into combat zones to hurt us...

#DefundTheMilitary unthankful bitches who made our streets into combat zones to hurt us with military surplus assault rifles! What do Elite BlackRockers JPMogan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, City Bank, Bank of England, Barclays, Shell... industrialists... stand for? As yesterday, today& tomorrow, these sacrosanct RacistCarbonCorporatists embody the silent but evil active fascism, for carbon profit at any cost, including our lives, our planet, our biodiversity, in the name of god, with countless State Actors, religius churches, main media and armies fighting for them, bc they conspire, collude and retaliate through proxies/third parties and god-secrecy is their way of operating. They bankrolled corporatists fascists B Mussolini, A Hitler... to war, to reign carbon and maximize profits at the cost of millions of victims Axis Fascism vs Free world caused? These Banking carbon corporatists traded with and profittes at war from both: the Axis& Free world And after the

...Challenge vague& overbroad riot laws massively criminalizing innocent& peaceful citizens!

Condemn AuthoritarianCorporatistFascism & Challenge vague& overbroad riot laws Massively criminalizing innocent& peaceful citizens! To expand their carbon interests and weapons industry interests, Carbon corporations& the military industrial complex colluding with the Johnson Administration, enacted the antiriot laws as part of the Civil rights of 1968, at the height of antiwar protests against agent orange genocide in Nam. Then the same political actors of state Power colluding with B Clinton's administration& JoeBiden in congress, passed the racist omnibus law in 1994, which incarcerates 5 fold people of color. Then G Bush Jr enacted the patriot Act, to espy american citizens and Suspended Habeas Corpus right against unlawful Gov arrests& incarcerations. This was done under the excuse of fighting american terrorism and global terrorism with High value detainees being shipped secretly to overseas gulags of govs under the Bush Administration control, wh

...bragadoccio A Murillo who will escape to save his ass, soon!

Oh linda La Paz at the hands of a Coward Bragadoccio A. Murillo who will escape to save his ass, soon! It was a day after our beloved La Paz, Bolivia celebrated one more year since its foundation, when on July 17th 1980 Bolivians awoke to martial hyms, with military drums. The CIA backing up Garcia Meza& Arce Gomes, to stop socialist Hernan Silez Suazo coming to power based on a congressional agreement, unleashed one more of countless bloody Coup D'etats. And the best orator of Latin America& brinksman, Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz was shot and kidnapped by dead squads and assasinated and the COB leaders arrested and maintained incomunicado and countless inocents were taken and tortured in the prime of their lives, and later at Harrighton street, our friend VH Suarez andvothers executed by death squads, coomonly named paramilitary of Arce Gomez, and our sister comoanera Ardaya was raped and other youths were tortured and exiled, among them one of Marcelo's mentorees

Is #CarbonJoeBiden going to show us 2 trillion dollars now or is he a long-nose Pinocchio?

Is CarbonJoe Biden going to show us 2 trillion dollars now or admit he is a long-nose Pinocchio? The American Petroleum Industry/API lobbying elite for all Carbon corporations, plays their media political act by faking criticism to their next chosen president #CarbonJoeBiden, allege they will continue working with RacistCarbonTrump & RacistCarbonJoeBiden, yet contradict themselves saying, they don't like his 2 trillion dollar wishful environmental plan bc it will cost their quarter million oil, gas, fracking workers jobs, 100k wages/year with energy generated by Nuclear, hidroelectric plants! And they don't like his rebate money for new cars that are less  guzzlers in exchange of their old guzzler cars. Soldout AFLCIO never fought for workers rights but since Edgar Hoover restructured AFLCIO, meekly submitted to the carbon corporations, allege they are happy with Biden's wishful plan. Please be reminded all previous Biden's BailOuts were not earnmarked and like