A call for Reflexion!

A call for Reflexion!
It's been a long time since our retired faculty let you know the Paris Agreement is a legalization of toxic carbon emissions& its the biggest toxic global carbon stock exchange market, subsidized by carbon tax.
No responsible person has the right to perpetuate carbon nor subsidize carbon, bc its genocidal carbon Pandemia, which needs to be abrogated now!
There is something troubling when refusing to listen or not seeing your advisors erroneous advise to legalize carbon until 2050, when right now the Artic tipping points are being exceeded and there are no 7 years left to exhaust carbon emission quotas!
Thousands of species going extinct and we humans are next!
Saying therr is no political or economic means to stop carbon is no solution.
Ghandi, MLK got some change but not through empty words and pom pon girls but massive Civil Diosobedience!
Either we #AbrogateCarbonNow or #ResignToBeMadeExtinct!
All persons wearing CoVid gear, should partucipate and #JoinScientistMassiveCivilDisobedienceToAbrogateCarbonNow!

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