A Savior or a Carbon Dioxide Gasman?

Savior or Carbon DioxideGasmanBiden who will gas us as Hitler did to our innocent families?

When post WWI Weitmar republican germans were living in a recession time, as we live currently as a result of carbon Pandemia& CoVid Pandemia, when we hear someone talk of a bringing us the prosperous normality of the past, we follow and make that alleged savior who is going to take us to the perceived&romanticized expectation of yesterday's prosperous normalcy.
Alas watch out what happens when we are wishful thinkers & followers of the alleged savior who talks of taking us back to the past pripsperous normalcy of yesterday:
Like Hitler, Biden talks of uniting Americans but under an overfunded militarized police& military roaming with humbees& armoured carriers, concealed in trying to dispel resentment, fear, anxiety hatred and anger against Weitmar Trump's policies, which his endorsing carbon media has immensely magnified, CarboncandidateBiden talks of a path of citizenship to Mexican- Latino inmigrants, respect for blacks and a promise to bring a police reform & black VP, gun control, ACA for whoever wants it, 800 billion dollars to kick jumpstart the recessive economy, high unemployment, return to Climate Paris Agreement, withdraw from Afghanistan.... Biden's perceived hard knuckles conservatism with tints of progressive, individual, is gotten him a following of some mexican-chicano, blacks and Asian voters and even a George Bush republican superpack with millions of dollars to finance his campaign media blitzkrieg, 3 months before Nov3 elections. Indeed ordinary americans like me, as surprised he is mounted a mobocracy but here lays the forewarning Gramsci forewarn us against ConservativeCorporatism, as we saw Weitmar german democrats fall into the irrational passion of fascism in Germany under a tyrant promising savior Hitler, riding on the wave of social movements clamoring for a change.
Biden's Democratic Nationalism is a set of contradictory policies& facts united as AntiTrumpism, antisocialism, antiputisnism, antimarxist corporatism under and behind strongman JoeBiden!
Like Trump, JoeBiden is the strongman, whom we are suppose to trust? Any internal or external threat or problem Biden will fix it, bc he believes he is the populous voice& god's voice!
Biden yields power and distroy any oppositor who dares to question his policies or his mighty personna.
Trump& Biden's racism is perpetuated the shackeling of blacks& people of color, to produce free labor as in the cotton plantation by using the 13th amendment's exception for people of color massively incarcerated since 1972-present, Biden put his name and authored every major and minor criminal law in America, enriching the corporations with free prisoner labor exemption under the 13 amendment and took away our Habeas Corpus relief from ilegal deprivation of freedom. In 1982 he got enacted minimun sentencing law agai n.v st people of color, and then in 1994 Biden the savior put all the aryan white fears and anxieties agai n.v st people of color& he coauthored with clinton, 3 strikes you're out and this omnibus law disproportionally imprisoned people of color and then alleged savior Biden With Obama entered the white house to finish the afghan war but broke his promise and sacrificed countles innocent lives for oil , refused to reinstate Habeas corpus, refused to start the aborogation of 2ndvamedment and gave useless gun control lae that keeps killing innocent children and refused to have congress abrogate the proliferation of prisons and on the contrary poured billions to the prison system of people of color, so his cohort corporations increased 4 fold profits, among them the CCA and refused to abrogate the patriot act and changed its name to Freedom act to continue waging war against americans by militarizing the police and providing them armoured carriers, humbees, bullet proof vests assault rifles, war forbidden chemical weapons like tear gas,etc
In sum from 2009-2016 Biden the savior made worst the lives of people of color, agravated by deporting 4 million parents evennafterbtheybpaid their debt to socuety and left countless millions of children without psrents to give away their children to aryan white couples and still calls is as in his cotton plantattion slavery, "boys"
So we learnrd our savior disproportionatelly imprisoned people of color and now for Nov3 2020, the false savior promises heavens to the very people he disproportionatelly imprisoned& promises path to citizenship and his band aide of countkess reforms failed system he wants to sell is but unre pentant refuses to Defund the militarized gang-member-police and keeps overfunding the police& overfunding the military
Once he makes it to the white house, Biden will have all the enormous state aparatus of control behind him the 20X carbonGasman, who is tapped all resentments, fears and all the wishful thinking of people, behind him the alleged savior. There won't be anyone standing to question him, his 20x carbon emission policies legalized at the carbon stock trade marketParisAgreement with carbon tax subsidy. and his multiple never- ending oil wars and arms race, bc his own record shows he embraced these, all his life!
Lol have mercy of americans and Humanity who erroneously brought BidenBabylonian blood thirsty for Power and as #CarbonGasmanBiden fills our lungs with deadly carbon dioxide and genocide us to enrich his corporativists carbon/oil cohorts with zillions of dollars stained with sacrificed innocents' blood bc we let the #CarbonEliteState within the State bankroll & run #RacistCarbonTrump against #RacistCarbonBiden, instead of an environmentalist who would #AbrogateCarbonPandemia...!

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