A State within a State!

A State within a State!(part2)
When we got over English Colonialism, Washington& Hamilton's elite generation to preserve their ill gotten colonial private property, not trusting the will of the people, expressed in the axiom "one person one vote and 50+one rules over the country/ or the winner of the National popular vote", colluded& imposed for small states equal senate representation as densely populated States& the electoral college will vote to decide who is best to preserve the elite interests, to become by electoral college vote: the president of USA
The master elite framed it this way to overridethe people's Natuoal popular vote & substituted it with Elite electoral college vote, whichb is the deciding voteand not the National popular vote of the people, which took away the victory of Al Gore who had won the National popular vote by the unjust vote of Elite appointed justices 5-4, as pay back to elitist G Bush!
It is a State within a State!
The EliteState elects the president& not the voters by National popular vote, hence replacing the will of the people by the will of the elite Electoral college.
The deceivers tell you get yourself to be an electoral college voter.
You can't become an electoral college voter if you have not a huge amount of money and party influence. Youb remember you can't get party influence without a lot of money to win some office in your state or in one of the 2 parties.
Yet it is the Carbon Elite the one who controls with money who becomes elected in a party and/or State office & the carbonElite imposed one more hurdle, to trample the will of the people: Superdelegates
500 congressmen+100 Senators+ 51governors + the ones each governor appoints= 700 superdelegates divided by Republican& Demo party= 350
With 350 superdelegates delegates, outnumber the number of each state chosen delegates to the convention, hence the Elite in each party imposes its own chosen carbon presidential candidate.
So why do they have the people vote when in each of the parties, the carbon elite has already its own interest preserving candidate?
To give us the illusion we live in a democratic country, but its trully an Elite State within our USA who imposes its own candidate and at the end of each electoral college decision, the elites vote for president, but its their elite imposed Carbon president, and #RacistCarbonJoeBiden& RacistCarbonTrump embody the undeniable truth of a State within a State. Bc regardles of party label, both represent Carbon interests of the elite, who in essence is a Theocratic-Corporatic ruler who perpetuates the carbon interests that comes since the foundation of USA!
We tried to right the wrong of elite's perpetual rule by having the will of the people to be expressed in the primary convention and in the federal USA, but the recent ruling of the USA Supreme court also appointed by Elite and defending the carbon interests of master carbonElite, ruled:
"The Faithless Elector(attending the convention party and/or the Electoral college) is bound to vote along its State and is not free to vote for his faith/free will, but only for the one his State voted for"
With such sustemic master, we the slave people, of the will of the elite what can we do, when the US supreme cort ordered by its ruling, "whenever an elector votes his faith, the state chairman can censure, punish& replace the faith elector"
As you an ordinary voter like me, can see, your vote and mine are not worth the same as an ElitistElector vote, bc his fortunemoney got him in to be an Elector voter and his vote is overpriced& overvalued compared to yours and my vote, due to the unjust socioeconomic& political structure his great grand parents along with Washinghton& Hamilton set it up!
Whatever happened to the "This government FOR, BY and OF the people?"
(Coming another day, next part)

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