Anez advances AutoCoup D'etat against EleccionWinners ArceChoquehuanca& close Congress!

Anez advances Auto- CoupD'etat to outlaw EleccionWinners Arce- Choquehuanca& close Congress!

Having failed against CoVid& failing to win extension of power & failing to win presidential elections 2020, Anez mounts Judicial framing with the intent to suddenly outlaw Arce- Choquehuanca and close congress ALP& cancel Sept6 elections until 2022, when she thinks she can win constitutional elections!
Thos move comes right After CIA& Anez learned all the polls& her own gov's poll, confirm Dr F Campos prediction that MAS will win elections& return to the Palace, from where Anez-Quiroga-Mesa- Camacho-Chung- Kaliman- Calderon civil- military Nov12 2019 Coup D'etat overthrew MAS, accusing the latter of Election fraud, which was fabricated by eternal Coup Maker OAS, the political arm of USA's CIA.
Anez has a 50/50 chance to make it happen.
AnezExiled veteran Dr Felipe Campos has forwarned for 2 months, the unwinding of Anez's soft AutoCoup D'etat and ask them to take steps not to be rounded up, but individually join the resistance by trying to abort Anez' auto CoupD'etat in its genesis by having massive civil Disobedience as soon as Anez arrests or judicial-politically sacks Arce- Choquehuanca &/or arrests @EvaCopa_Bol & @Sergio_Choque_S.
Hermanas-Hermanos indigenas estemos listos a defenderlos& apenas ordenen sus arrestos, todos a las callees, las calles, las calles a defenderlos& salvar nuestra patria de las garras del Facismo-Rosquero-Latifundista de Anez& sus oligarcas orientales q queman mas de 10 millones de hectareas y nos agredennxon Corona hambre& corona Pandemia& CarbonPandemia!
Jallalla Arce-Choquehuanca
Jallalla EvaCopa& SergioChoque Venceremos!

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