AntiCovid vaccine 50/50: Russian Roullette& destroying our Inmune System

AntiCovidVaccine 50/50: RussianRoulette & Destroying our Inmune System!

Do you fully understand CDC's bar to approve a rushed AntiCoVid vaccines only needs a 50% chance to suceed, then the govs will order compulsory vaccination or prison if you refuse to be vaccinated?
How can we trust a rushed vaccine tried on flawed transgenic mice to even save 50% of compulsorily vaccinated humanity?
No we can put our lives as guinea pigs and hope 50% of humanity gets saved!
Of 100%, fifty percent died bc the vaccine irreversibly terminated their inmune system& failed to save them!
These rushed vaccines are subsidized by tax payers but own entirely by greedy pharmsceutical corps who don't care it will destroy 50% and spare the other 50%, they only see the profit US$!
This vaccines with a 50/50 are like putting a gun on our head& pharnaceuticals play russian roulete: either it kill us or save us!
And whatbis worst, even the 50% who wishfully would be saved, get irreversibly tampered their inmune defensive system!
I reject playing deadly rusian roulette with my life and inmune system and above all, making me a criminal for refusing to play russian roulette that may kill me 50% of the time and lose my inmune system by an unjust law that harms me and my children! What about you?This CDC 50/50 anticovid vaccine a road to extinction!
Why Govs& Center for Disease Control/CDC or FDA respect our inmune system as is?
Why not try to use CoVid survivors' plasma that helps to cure CoVid victims?
Carbon Govs, Carbon Corps& carbon pharmaceuticals only subsidize and give the free money to their colluders but not to people whose plasma will save us from CoVid.
When the colluders di not save us, you realize only People save People by donating their plasma and this is one of count li ess reasons why carbon Govs, carbon corps and carbon pharmaceuticals talk of saving us but harm or kill us and they are the natural enemy of the people bc they love greedy money and do not love their neighbors!
As an AmazinAndean child almost died with Small pox, my mother almost died with measles but we survived thanks to our inmune systems& community care and didn't need vaccins!
People who got vaccinated suffer of permanent Arthritis, Lupus, MS, Autism, mercury cognitive caused disabilities and other allergies and many die as a result of being forcefully vaccinated but govs hide these deadly consequences and only give you along with pharmaceuticals, rossy vaccine reports, bc there is so much money they make so much money from it!

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