BlackRockAndCarbonCohorts are waging biowarfare, to milk their carbon cow perpetually!

BlackRockAndCarbonCohorts are waging biowarfare to milk their Carbon cow perpetually!

In answer to Wilhem's mustard gas, CarbonAndSteel BlackRockAndCohorts carried the novel virus from Kansas to the battle fields in Western Europe, which they blamed the Spaniards as the Spanish flu to cover its origin and shift attention away from Kansas.
They continued their virus research and then released the SARS biowarfare virus and experimented on humans like guinea pigs.
Sometime after, perfected this SARS virus as SARS2 and released it in Woojan, China and Europe and we humans exprienced the agonies but they rebaptized SARS2 as CoVid, Note this CoVid Virus has multiple spikes to bond handily to human cells and are more efficient than the four arms of carbon or polymerase rotating arms!
Now inventing themselves as saviors of humanity, their G7cohorts gave away to their pharmaceutical cohorts billions of dollars to research a miracle curing vaccine and less than a year several of these so called miracle vaccines are near becoming trialed and patented to enrich their pharmaceutical cohorts privately with trillions of dolkars which they will share secretly among BlackRock carbon cohorts!
But we are so naive, gulible& mentaly retarded that will rush to become vaccinated and instead we'll experience an imense global reduction of population
How so?
Their miracle antiCoVid vaccines will destroy our inmune system and not work and make us CoVid billions of dead people, bc these multiple rotating arms of a covid viru, bind handilybeith human cells, therefore genocide us.
But cold calculating Blackrock cohorts, will go after other more advanced vaccines and genocide us nearingbus to human extinction, bc their unrepentant colluding carbon cohorts, have already release from their secret military virus labs, a CoVid10foldRotatingSpikes that binds to all living cells.
BlackRock& Cohorts believe too may gardener fir few resources are a waste of wealth& food specialy when they were globally protesting to abrogate carbon but since CoVid has paralized anticarbon protestors but with anticoVid masks want to keep antiracism& antiCarbon protest, they are attempting by means of their undeclared biowarfare Covid10FoldSpikes virus they will stop our protests completely but they will continue playing saviors for more advancef vaccines.
We were children in the Amazon- Andean region, survived Small pox, ourbparents survived measles without vaccines but care from our community and we suffer in the States, CoVid and these were hellish weeks but survived without vaccines.
You don't need to suffer CoVid & don't need pharmaceutical's AntiCoVid vaccines, bc they are inefficient to BlackRockAnd cohorts lab created and evilving of more advance Covid10FoldSpikes.
Kansas virus/Spanish flu survivors, did so without vaccines, bc for reasons we don't know, the survivor's bodies produced antibodies that caused them to survive and now that we confront CoVid virus and the more advanced CoVid10FoldSpikes virus, vaccines are useless and harmful to your own inmunity, which are your poi wn defenders against these deadly CoVid lab evolved viruses.
The Kansas Virus that caused millions of dead was defeated by human inmunity and there is no need to alow BlackRockAndCarbon cohorts to distroy our human inmune system with their vaccines and lab advanced Covid10FoldSpikes which CDC and others recognized are 10 fold more contaguous thanCoVid.
As retired faculty members of renowned world universities, we share this simple truth that flu taught the world:
Flu virus has a simple replicating RNA and it evolves and though it remains for centuries amobg humans & there is no vaccine to eliminate flu, after deads, our human inmune system has defeated flu & now that we confront CoVid& Covid10FoldSpikes, don't fall into the trap of vaccines& finish destroying our inmune system!
1] Let's all support a ban on antiCoVid vaccines bc they will irreversible destroy our inmune system whichnis our own natural defense to survive!
2] Let's all support plasma solution to stop CoVid and CoVid19FoldSpikes, bc survivor's plasma helps cure CoVid victims and does preserve our inmune system, untouched!
3] these two viruses are scary but carbon Pandemia is a trillion times deadlier than these two viruses
Since Carbon Govs only subsidize their Carbon Corpocratic colluding accomplices with our taxes, its' time for Gov to subsidize tax payers instead of subsidizing their deadly carbon cohorts and their carbon Pandemia.
#JoinScientistsCivilDisobedienceToAbrogateCarbonPandemia&CoVid or #ResignToBeMadeExtinctByCarbonCorpocrats

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