...bragadoccio A Murillo who will escape to save his ass, soon!

Oh linda La Paz at the hands of a Coward Bragadoccio A. Murillo
who will escape to save his ass, soon!

It was a day after our beloved La Paz, Bolivia celebrated one more year since its foundation, when on July 17th 1980 Bolivians awoke to martial hyms, with military drums. The CIA backing up Garcia Meza& Arce Gomes, to stop socialist Hernan Silez Suazo coming to power based on a congressional agreement, unleashed one more of countless bloody Coup D'etats.
And the best orator of Latin America& brinksman, Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz was shot and kidnapped by dead squads and assasinated and the COB leaders arrested and maintained incomunicado and countless inocents were taken and tortured in the prime of their lives, and later at Harrighton street, our friend VH Suarez andvothers executed by death squads, coomonly named paramilitary of Arce Gomez, and our sister comoanera Ardaya was raped and other youths were tortured and exiled, among them one of Marcelo's mentorees and friends, Felipe Campos.
The resistance continued and bc of economic insolvency and social&pilitical instability, the military divided and Garcia Mesa was loosing to the Natusch Bush& Vildoso military factions and Garcia Mesa was taken out and the commanders of large and small garrisons voted for Guido Vildoso to be the designated transition/ interim president. Shorthly after around Octuber 1982 Vildoso lead the.military to let congress reopen and a concerted congressional agreement decided for returning Siles Suazo- PazZamora govern Bolivia.
Much later Evo came to power for 14 years based on his gross errors of isolating the indigenous masses run the country with right wingers who joined his party , selling out to larifundio cattle men from the Half Moon/ Media Luna, rosca minera and wall street but then he blew the camels back with 10 million hectars of burning forests to make room to gringo transgenic soy& red meat and perpetuating himself with a fourth term and didn't listen to a Marcelista& most experience brinksman and political campaigner Dr Felipe Campos to let Andronico Rodriguez be the presidential candidate, declare Natural disaster emergency and ask international help, Morales run and it arouse the alegation of election fraud.
Putting aside his frustrations Dr Felipe Campos asked Evo to replace the military high command & the police and denoince he was manipulated and deceived by Cruceno cattle men & Latifundistas to burn 10 mullion hectares& ask forgiveness to Bolivians for burning Mother Earth. Eco stubborn as an ass, refused to listen and shorthly after flew ti the Cochabamba tropic, then dr Campos heard that Almagro from the OAS informed Evo, thete was ekection fraud and he shoukd resign, then Armed firces Kaliman asked Evo to resign. Then Tuto conditioned A Salvatierra and Borda must resign. Borda to save his brother resign congress and Salvatierra to save Evo resigned. Dr Campos calked Evo and asked him to withdraw his oral resignation. Evo said his mind was made up. DR campos asked Evo to keep Adriana at the senate ptesidency and deliver hisvresignation to her and let salvatierra be the sucessor but Evo said, she has already resign. Dr Campos asked Evo to go into hiding and lead the resistance, wear out the military with civil disobedience, "a thousand dead by the military will cause inestability and the people couls defeat the comanders politically to retreat. Evi refused and said his mind was made yo.
Evo was picked up by AmLo"s airforce jet and dr Campos saw with impotence S Foronda, Mirillo, Tuto Quiroga. MESA, CAMACHO, BACKED UP the civic military coup on nov 12.
" Tuto blackmailed Salvatierra to resign to save evo& to have J Anez succeed Evo but its c km ear Foronda pulled a suave Coup D'etat compared to the violent ones since the seventies decade" sentenced exiled Dr Felipe Campos, who Anez keeps exiled, for having denounced her, Murillo , Lopez...for #SacabaAndSenkata genocides and for denuncing her that Anez refused to quarentine Bolivia from Covid in Dec 2d 2019.
Anez is committed genocides, violations of human rights, corruption ok f more than 2 billion dollars, is burning more than 10 million hectares with her policy PLUS and playing 2 moves: Election fraud on Sep 6th and advancing her AutiCoup D'etat should her electronic fraud with OAS complicity fail, to close Congress andvrule by decree.
It's sad Sergio is not ready to submit to constitutional mandate to suceed the absent dictatorAnez and EvaCopa, the president of the senate and like walter Guevara interim president.
Anez who relies on Suarez, Murillo, Nunez and Lopez to remain in power can play her two polutical moves but she can't last, bc, Covid Famine, Covid Pandemia and people's desoetation to live is going to push Desperate people to the streets this winter 2020 and then god have mercy of the Anez Gov, bc ArturoMurilloS a megalomaniac bragadocio& butcher, back stabber coward who evaded military service and forged his military service card. A dual diagnosed psychotic who can't fight fair and only fights when he's armed and his foe is not, will pour innocents blood in the streets of linda La Paz!

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