CarbonPandemiaJoeBiden & CarbonPandemiaTrump made careers out of lying!

CarbonPandemiaBiden& CarbonPandemiaTrump made careers out of lying!

Alleging being under attack by anarchists, terrorists& violent people, Trump&Biden have made a career out by lying perpetually. These 2 Gemini twins are paranoid, neurotic, psychotic, megalomaniac, narcissist carbon Pandemia genociders, who to win elections, are wearing the hat of patriotism, the socks of americanism & present themselves as alleged saviors, announced by FOX and CBS.
What these pseudo saviors& their media is not tellling you, it's all lies.
Both label anarchists, to all black victims who question their racist policies.
They label terrorists to protestors who present their grievances against the killing of people of color.
Trump is converted this federal officers in Black shirt SS, who attack The Wall of Moms, who are protecting black peaceful protestors from ending unjustly killed as George Floyd, whose last call before being police murdered was to call his mom to protect him.
Biden& Trump have subverted reality into fake news, bc they are neurotic, who change reality for their wishful white lies, who they prentend to present as truth!
They think every citizen of color is an alien who is here to harm them and so their paranoid conduct, they present it as prevention!
With their orders, policies& implicit conduct
So when their overfunded police unjustly kills countless Floyds, they say its to preserve law& order, and to protect their hoardering real estate, rather than admit their crimes.
They become frustrated & acting psychotically enact policies that kill: war against oil countries, lying themselves call it Vital Interests, even though it is not for 329 million citizens but to enrich a few elitistOil& GasBillonaires.
Biden&Trump are narcissists self righteous and self serving who don't answer to anyone bc megalomaniaclly believe god told them to be presidents and they believe only them can save humanity even though their carbon pandemia, Covid Famine, oul war& ordering their black shirt fed officers SS, to shoot them with war forbidden tear gas, chemical weapons& flash-bang granedes injured to death innocent peaceful protestors agaist their carbon pandemia or black victims, and they beat navy veterans as if they are terrorists but they are simply veterans who sin was, "Honor your oath to serve the people& oath to the constitution!"
And not liking the Wall of Mothers, the SSfederalOfficers who kidnap selected political targets, beat up mothers who protect peaceful unarmed american protestors!
Husbands ache for their tear gassed wives& police beat up wives and loading blowers, next protests, DadWalls with blowers, blow tear gas and tear gas projectiles, back to the SSFederal officers who beat their wives& kidnap selected protestors.
Whether Teump or Biden gets elected, will perpetuate deadly carbon gas to keep gassing us, as the Nazis gassed our innocent jewish grandparents bc people remained passive and silent.
But to give a chance to our children, the Wall of Mothers and wakl of Fathers will peacefully keep protecting peaceful protestors & to #EndCarbon PandemiaNow

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