Challenge the ilegal forgery which created the personhood of Corporation under the 14th amendment

A call to environmental& probono, pro-people law firms, to challenge the biggest ilegal forgery which created the personhood of corporations under the 14 amendment!

The Corporation legal rights exist based on forgery, collusion, economic muscle of the EliteState within a State.

Morrison, Conkling, Field& the Court reported colluded to write the headnote on the Santa Clara County v Southern Pacific railroad Corp case (1886), of the opinion writen by justice Harland, which to this third millenium, Legal education institutions & the establishment continue to exclude and keep it secret, the very headnote, that erroneously etched on rock, the 14th amendment's equal rights to the Corporations, yet it was not part of the Santa Clara v Southern Pacific railroad Corp decision or opinion of SCOTUS, then 11 years later, the same SCOTUS lead by Morrison Waite decided Gulf CF Ry v Ellis, solidifying the corporation as a person with legal rights under the 14th amendment's life, liberty, property and equal protection of the laws.
Much later came SCOTUS pro corporate rulings: Citizens United, Hobby Lobby, and the current SCOTUS granted Elite corporates are excluded from accountability, rule of law, are inmune& impune from subpoenas served by fiscalizer Congress seeking their income tax returns and corporatists like Stone are also protected& forgiven by the President for his crime of lting to congress etc.
We retired academics appeal to legal forms like ACLU, NAACP, etc to put their financial resources together and present a case to debunk, dehorn and dethrone the unconstitutuonal& ilegal 14 amendment rights Corporations are enjoying based on the ilegality of the forgedheadnote inserted by said colluding parties, which without being part of the ruling, nor being voted by the 9 justices nor being SCOTUS OPINION, granted 14th amedment rights to the Carbon Corporation, same as the rights of natural born citizens. There are conflicts of interest& perjury of former 14th amendment congressman participant of the 14th amendment enactment, who lied to SCOTUS saying congress intended to give 14th amendment personhood rights to the corporation (he changed it from "citizen" to "person"), also conflict of interest of Justice Field& ilegal ex parte communications with the defender's owner Leyland Standford, and arranged it with Standford to hire Conkling who enacted the 14th amendment and represented the defendant and won case for defendant Southern Pacific Railroad Co; Weite and the court reporter inserted said forged headnote.
Should the challenging law firm prevail overturning said headnote cited in Santa Clara County v Southern Pacific railroad Corp and the Gulf case, it will cause the fall of the ilegal personhood rights which the carbon Corporation has enjoyed since 1886, once they have no more rights bc corporations are ficticious creations and not natural born human citizens we canbtrial them as criminals of humanity at the ICJ, so they can account for carbon genocide, biocenocide, ecogenocide as the new Nuremberg criminals against humanity, we will have a chance to survive Extinction, these corporations are committing unprescribable/unexpired crimes against humanity by means of 5x carbon emissions increase/CarbonPandemia.

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