...Challenge vague& overbroad riot laws massively criminalizing innocent& peaceful citizens!

Condemn AuthoritarianCorporatistFascism & Challenge vague& overbroad riot laws
Massively criminalizing innocent& peaceful citizens!

To expand their carbon interests and weapons industry interests, Carbon corporations& the military industrial complex colluding with the Johnson Administration, enacted the antiriot laws as part of the Civil rights of 1968, at the height of antiwar protests against agent orange genocide in Nam.
Then the same political actors of state Power colluding with B Clinton's administration& JoeBiden in congress, passed the racist omnibus law in 1994, which incarcerates 5 fold people of color.
Then G Bush Jr enacted the patriot Act, to espy american citizens and Suspended Habeas Corpus right against unlawful Gov arrests& incarcerations. This was done under the excuse of fighting american terrorism and global terrorism with High value detainees being shipped secretly to overseas gulags of govs under the Bush Administration control, while waging neverending oil wars in Afganistan, Irak, Syria.

Then Obama-Biden candidates promised if elected, to end the war in Afghainstan, leave Irak, abrogate the omnibus law, restore Habeas corpus and end the syrian war but once elected Obama& Biden broke their promises & gave up taxing carbon and created IS terrorist fighters against Assad and created the peoxy war against Yemen& Somalia and what is worst they didn't abrogate the patriot law bc simply changed its name to Freedom Act and continued to espy on innocent tax paying americans and today thanks to #CarbonJoeBiden who admited writting all big laws and minor penal laws including the riot law which is part of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, which #JoeBiden promised to abrogate, is being used against countless innocent & peaceful americans expressing their freedom of speech, right to assambly and right to redress grievances against Trump's and JoeBiden's overfunded military & overfunded gang-member-police who keep brutalizing, arresting and killing who support BlackLivesMatter and peacefully protest against Carbon Pandemia& Trump's irresponsible agression with CoVid.

We have no use for RacistCarbonTrump nor RacistCarbonJoeBiden and condemn wasting our tax dollars in fat salaried Federal officers driving unmarked cars to single out, corral and kidnap them and coerced them to plead guilty or innocent for rioting.
Since when exercising constitutional rights, freedom of expression, right to assambly and right to peacefully redress grievances is riot?
It is in the say so of these racist carbon candidates and their fat salaried federal officers abusing in our states even though there is no crime against Federal gov nor State Gov, they simply are protecting their carbon interests& installing Authoritarian fascist policies by redifining as riot any assambling group that exceeds 7 members and is is perceived as inmediate danger to anyone or to property and are protesting for #BlackLivesMatter and/or wearing black clothes in Portland, Oregon and other states.
When vague and overbroad riot laws are overstretched by Trump and Federal officers as being perceived "Inmediate danger to others or property" even though there is the absence of violence against both, you are surprised by federal officers, who arrest & kidnap you in unmarked cars and then mirandize you and then coerce you to wave your rights, don't waive them bc your freedom and life depend now in not waving your rights and telling the court "I don't wave any of my constitutional rights and refuse to speak to anyone until a very knowledgeable& competent lawyer represents me before this court& above all I don't wave my jury trial rights" bc jury trials usually end upholding your presumptive innocence, whereas benc/Judge trial ends in guilty finding bc of judicial biases!

All lawyers should act pro bono, bc we're confronting these nazis, who send their Gestapo federal officers in unamerked cars and don't tell us on what charge they are kidnapping and arresting us and attempting to trial us for our peaceful freedom of speech, right of assambly and right to redress our grievances

If we remain silent as in Nazi Germany our grandparents silently complied with their orders, we run the danger of being arrested and kept in concentration camps, theybeuphemistically chose to call prison.
There is no difference between concentration camps, internment camps or prisons, bc the naziathoritarians are hilding you against your will and violating not only your human rights, civil rights but since Biden's omnibus law, Bush war on terror, abrogation of Habeas Corpus in the USA, secret FISA court, Obama-Biden's Freedom Act AKA Patriot Act, we are being denied our constitutional rights, as Obama- Biden with their Affordable Care Act's exemption law are denying birth control, bc these carbon Interest pushers are pusing their Nazi- AuthoritarianFascistCorporatism, over the people, as Mussolini&Hitler pushed it.
Let's wake up sleepy ACLU and push them to challenge im court these auth pi eitarian tools of mass repression which are these vague& overbroad riot laws that take away our free speech, right of assambly& right to peacefully tedress our grievances against racism, carbon Pandemia, etc!

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