Deadly Black Rock CarbonCorporatists have placed themselves above the rule of law!

Deadly BlackRock CarbonCorporatists have placed themselves above the rule of law!

We retired academicians have proven you in previous postings, how through forgeries and agendas, some SCOTUS/U S Supreme court justices, created and legalized the FAKE into legal Corporate personhood, clearly since WWI& WWII, these corporations have immensely more legal rights than we naturally born citizens/persons and more rights than The People itself!
As a matter of fact since SCOTUS violative ruling in CITIZENS UNITED, they can legally buyout the elections by pouring billions into propaganda to unsit congressmen or candidates that oposoe carbon collusion and their carnon interests, and routinely from local to state to federal elections, these Black Rocker carbon corporations put in office their carbon presidential candidates such as JoeBiden& Trump, so no matter the former or the later being endorsed by people's vote, we the people are at loss bc only their elite corporatists candidates make it to office, bc money is the milk of pilitics& economic and social structures, these Hamiltonian carbonCorporatists have clearly designed post colonially and to avoid government been overthrown by decapitating the king, post colonialists corporatists designed the three branches of government to control& evade real change The People want to implement!
Since manipulating SCOTUS to give the ruling for Hobby Lobby, these corporatists theocrats are exempt of certain laws that aplly only to the people but not to them.
Why these legal double standard by congress and by SCTUS, that economically favors only theocratic corporations/carbonCorporations/corporatists?
It comes since the assasination of A Lincoln who wanted to trial these aruan racists corporatists for treason of causing the civil war& having slaves and hisvexecitive order to compensate each black slave with 40 acres and a mule, which would affect the losing confederate Aryan plantation owners, and they colluded and assasinated the gov by the people, for and of The People and usurpated it by their Elitist Electoral college election of the president, where this carbon elitists corral us like sheep to endorse their chosen candidate& deceive us to believe its ours but its not but the Gov of the Elitists Carbon State within the State.
That is a leach gov within the hostState!
In the global realm, these EliteStatevwithin the State is embodied in BlackRock carbonCorporatuons which beyond national borders, they are not transparent, not fair and are unaccountable but rule globally and rule the UN through their l leachUNSecurityCouncil who lives off the UNhostState, with the latter simply become an endorser of their leachUNSecurityCouncil.
In the locust of alleged Democracy, we tried a modest 10% cut from the wasteful Department of Defense, who militarized our streets inti battle fileds in America, with their wasteful surplus armored carriers roaming our streets and surplus military assault rifles, tear gas, chemical weapons, etc and our own DemocraticParty overwhelmengly rejected to defund 10% of overfunded military, who sows dead in our american streets and Bidenbgave these surplus military weapons of death to overfunded police and Trumps paramilitary death squats and kidnapping squads of federal officers are detaining and kidnapping peaceful tax payers who pay their undeserved fat salaries and fat pensions.
Both Democrat and Republican parties are colluding membets of BlackRocket corporatists but in Congress and SCOTUS, and most congressmen in both parties served BlackRocker carbon corporatist interests and in every congressional office, there is physically present a colonel of the pentagon protecting their military indistrial complex interests and for 333 million citizens there is no one in each congressuonal office advocating for the interests of 333 million We The People.
But these carbon corporatist congressmen will shamefully alkege they represent the interests of the People, which they are not and in the Democratic party these carbon cohorts represent over 300 superdekegates who in the convention manipulate and conteil only carbon candidates and not environmentalists, becomes the Democratic presidential candidate, besides of choosing who the congressiobal nomineees will be, so they exclude the People and missuse us to legalize their perpetuating LeachElitecarbon chosen candidates like JoeBiden who once in Office will continue his lifetime career as expander 20X CarbonEmissions while intalling token 60 thousand
Wind turbines and thermalizing millions of windows which won't dent increase of deadly carbon emissions and worst Biden will ressurrect deadly nuclear plants and space nuclear arms race bc you can't change an unrepentant carbonJoeBiden who made these oil toxic existential threat and nothing will change bc all these military repressions & police repression with assault rifles he authored it during his Vicepresidency and the kidnappings of american citizens by paramilitary Federal officers, its his afghan tactic of war against terrorists and lumps all peaceful american dissidents/ protestors as terrorists. But like Trump, JoeBiden is a concealed liar& racist who mevet answers but assayults the people questioning him& screams, " Look at my recird"
We lokked at his record and it stinks and it cosr countless blacks' lives by hos overfunding the gang-member-police with countless billions of dolkars, let the write his Omnibus law that 5fols imprisons blacks and untepentant JoeBiden doesn't lead americannprotestors but hides all he can hide till he deceive us into endorsing him.
What can we do in times of CoVid?
Wear our Covid gear and keep social distance while peacefully protesting and expressing our constitutionally mandated grievances against Trump's and against Biden's deadly oil policies till we #AbrogateCarbonNow
and #AbrogateRacialInjustice
the only way to deter our Human extinction now!
#NewNuremberTrialAgainstCorporatistsCarbon GassingGenociders

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