Defund the Military...who made our streets into combat zones to hurt us...

#DefundTheMilitary unthankful
bitches who made our streets into combat zones to hurt us with military surplus assault rifles!

What do Elite BlackRockers JPMogan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, City Bank, Bank of England, Barclays, Shell... industrialists... stand for?
As yesterday, today& tomorrow, these sacrosanct RacistCarbonCorporatists embody the silent but evil active fascism, for carbon profit at any cost, including our lives, our planet, our biodiversity, in the name of god, with countless State Actors, religius churches, main media and armies fighting for them, bc they conspire, collude and retaliate through proxies/third parties and god-secrecy is their way of operating.
They bankrolled corporatists fascists B Mussolini, A Hitler... to war, to reign carbon and maximize profits at the cost of millions of victims Axis Fascism vs Free world caused?
These Banking carbon corporatists traded with and profittes at war from both: the Axis& Free world
And after the defeat of Axis fascism, thes same Corporatists claimed& got billions of dollars in war compensations alleging their factories working in the Free world and within the Axis were distroyed by allied bombing.
Good Jewish citizen Hannah Arendt tried to denounced the profiteering of these corporatists war-voltures of humanity and colluded and retaliated against her false& maliciously calling her, "Antisemite" by using their world media, silenced her truth telling voice!
Today these same global toxic 5X Carbon Emissions transcorporatistFascists causing us this deadly carbon Pandemia, aggravating it with CoVid, silenced in the streets climate defenders, by multiple means such as their #RacistCarbonJoeBiden& #RacistCarbonTrump, silencing climate defenders and #BlackLivesMatter, IndigenousLivesMatter, as alleged terrorists and/or antifas, to anyone who questions the endless carbon subsidies, but they reject subaidizing our climate or countless billions of humans& animals suffering CoVidFamine, water shortage, global forests burnings, oilwars, dead by carbon Pandemia, etc
Transfascism of Today& Tomorrow doesn't know of borders nor loyalty to the country they profit from, treat them as cotton plantations & run us as plantations economic slaves and egyptian slaves when Joseph was rulling and taken away their land under the excuse of giving them daily rations of food as if animals.
And when we question why and why so multiple oil wars are killing children& civilians?, their religious proxies, sentence, "All these pests and wars were written before the foundation of the world, and they are being fulfilled for the savior to come soon to impose a millenium of peace"
"A millenium of Peace" was the same JudeoCristian war propaganda Joseph Goebbels, Hitler...used and their millenium of peace these transcorporatistsfascists and their tyrant religious TheocratsFascists want to bring, is no more no less than genocide, not of simply millions but billions, bc this #EliteOligarchicRacist CarbonCorporatists believe we are too many CottonEconomicslaves.
And whether Democrat or Republican, these Elitists will impose their JoeBiden bc their RacistCarbonTrump is caused the SleepyGiant/people of the world to wake up and to reject their TheocraticFascism of death, #CarbonPandemia Genocide, MutatingCoVidGenocide, climate catastrophe, social unjustice, etc!
So this deadly EliteRacistCarbonfascists are increasing the funding of their military and overfunding their gang-member police and converted through carbon Govs, our streets into war zones& combat zones, where they mistreat us maliciously as the enemy.
Enemy of what?
Enemy of their 20XCarbonPandemia that gas us to death as Hitler gassed our unarmed and innocent jewish grandparents.
Yes, RacistCarbonTrump following VPJoeBiden ordered their overfunded military to keep arming their police & federal officers with military surplus to charge against us tax payer-protestors with militarized federal officers in armour carriers, armed with surplus assault rifles, they arrest& kidnap us and coerse us to plead guilty to violating riot laws, etc
Don't wave your rights, don't plead guilty, demand a knowledgeable& competent lawyer to represent you bc this faked charges of rioting can't pass a jury bc you are peacefully redressing your grievances, exercising your right of assambly, your free speech and remind them you are not a criminal but an innocent tax payer-citizen. And these vague&overbroad riot laws we need to overturn it before peers of our community who will never convict you bc you are peacefully reclaiming your country& your constitutional rights& you are not a terrorists but a tax- payer who pays the fat salaries& pensions of these unthankfull bitches- militarized federal officers kidnapping you as terrorists do, who forget they get fat pensions with your sweated labor and taxes.
We tax payers are the chicken who lay gold and should we massively refuse to pay taxes, which are being misused to wage war against us, like a domino, the whole scheme of their imposed carbon capitalism falls off!
Since the Sixties decade, the Kennedy brothers showed us humanity is at the edge of Nuclear Mutual Assured Destruction with no victors but total anihilation and war is not a solution, and with todays hypersonic nuclear missiles, even the surprised combatant would get to launch their hypersonic nuclear missiles and no one will survive! So what for do we need a parasite overfunded military that eats countless trillions of dollars per decade and is of no use, except to wage neverending oil war to steal someone else's oil to profit Shell & other carbon genociders?
Surplus military war stuff is evidence of waste that Obama- Biden provided to police and Trump is the same way, wasting billions in war assault rifles being used in our streets against us by their carbon militarizedFedOfficers Against the People!
#EndOilSubsidiez to Stop 5XCarbonEmissionsGenocide by CarbonCorporatistsFascists to take them to a new Nurember trial for committing crimes against Humanity!
Wearing antiCovid gear and keeping social distancing
#JoinDutchProtestorWouterMouton #JointCivilDisobedienceToAbrogateCarbonNow

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