Desperate people will react this Winter in Bolivia!

Desperate people will react this Winter in Bolivia!

Nowadays most countries are imposing Theocratic- Corpocratic fascism by opressing the people who pays their fat salaries& fat pensions of their unjust carbon Gov whi allows carbon corpocrats to profit with carbon profits.
Take #RacistCarbonTrump who set up Defacto govs like #SacabaSenkataGenociderAnez, fake govs like Guaido or authoritarian tyrants like Bolsonaro.
These theocrats hate Mother Earth, intoxicate our food, air we breath& drinking water& genocide our biodiversity to keep milking from their carbon cow perpetually!
They cause this coVid Pandemia and cost countless lives& caused famine Pandemia, to get us off the streets from protesting against their carbon Pandemia that threatens to extinct us.
These Teocrats don't care for our health orvour lives nor care they are destructing irreversibly in their quest to 20X carbon emissions by extracting carelessly oil, gas, minerals.
These tyrants are epiromized in Trump& JeanineAnez.
They've been denying CoVid as they deny the carbon Pandemia they are causing, and Anez who is stolen 2 biliion dollars and denied respirators and CoVid gear to vanguard health workers, now have tested positive to CoVid but that doesn't deter Anez who is about to not only imprison Arce Catacora who triple fold leads Anez in the sept6 2029bpresudential elections but with her Cia contractor Anez is repeating the judicial scheme to outlaw Arce from ever participating in Elections under fake charges of corruption, without evidence but her say so and she is running 2 plans at once: with OAS complicity Anez is posed to steal the election with electronic fraud and OAS will confirm her alleged victory. Having experience the fake fraud accusation of OAS, Arce's party is marked for defeat lesscthan 2 months befire election. And Anez is also running in slow motion her Auto Coup the etat and her military & police still will get later their promotion of rank without the congress, which if Anez doesn't win, will finalize her AutoCoup D'etat by closing congress and ruling by executive decrees.
But the Cia& Anez's calculating plans may run against a wall of self convocated massive civilian protests as soon as they eliminate Arce Catacora's elegibility and due to Famine Pandemia& CoVid Pandemia exponentially rising in LatinAmerica, specially Bolivia, where poor people without the means to purchase a coffin, keep their CoVid victims at home for weeks.
These CoVid Pandemia's deaths are caused by RacistCarbon Anez, who hates indigenous people and wants them off the cities& go back to rural areas to die without medical care nor medicines.
Facing famine CoVid, Covid Pandemia, unemployment Pandemia, desperate people will react with massive Civil Disobedience this Winter against Anez the Theocrat Corpocratic fascist who violates the will of the people, the constitution human rights and is burning over10 million hectares of Amazon trees, for transgenic soy, red meat, mining and fracking!

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