...determines the fate of our Hong Konger neighbors!

What are enforcers of the joint declaration of Autonomy are going to concretly do, determines the fate of our Hong Konger neighbors?
With pain & anger we've seen on digital television snippeds the malicious, brutal& cowardly unprovoked attacks on our unarmed and innocent Hong konger neighbors and misusing unjustifiedly their National security law as a weapon of massive agression against peaceful protestors voicing their Autonomous freedom of speech, gathering and venting their autonomous grievances against the evil National Security Law.
National Security law first authored& used and spread by USA, nowadays is the most evil& most used euphemistic excuse which broadly misused against people's rightful grievances while suffering unjustice by Government State actors. The evil of NS law is misused globally to a greaternor lesser extend against tax payers, whose unthankful bitch governments who get fat salaries, luxeries& fat pensions but sytemic & brutally hurt, arrest and disappear people for short time or long time or permanently by killing their innocent victims with psychological and physical torture, which euphemistically criminal governments call it, " educating camps"...but are outrageous lies.
Hong Kongers were gathering and peacefully protesting against the newly approved by the Chinesse Gov's National Security law/NSL, whoch was imposed in violation of internstional Joint declaration treaty China-UK, which is the only guarantee of Autonomous Government our Hong Kongers neighbors have in a 2 systems one country!
But this NSL was imposed in clear violation of Hong kong's Autonomous legislature and judicial branch.
The chinesse gov violated its commitments, duties and obligations of the Joint Declation treaty UK- China, by alleging chinesse NSL is a higher law that pre-empts Hong Kongers Autonomous treaty rights, under false pretenses that Hong Kongers who carry signs, " Respect our Autonomy", "Down with chinesse draconian& ilegal NSL", or using their protest and free speech chanted, "China live up to your obligation of the joint declaration treaty with the UK" were abusively criminalized, brutalized and overpowered by a racist, soldout and brutal police police attacks on their humsnity and massive scores of brave Hong Kongers were taken to prison, while these gang- member- police histerically magnified through their controlled medis, a shoulder stabbed gang member and lying invented their being victimized
We came back from a hastily organized protest in front of a chinesse consulate, where we peotested for China's repetition of massive attacks on unarmed innocent Hong Konger who were rightfully protesting against the violation of their Autonomy rights and old relique like Dr Felipe" Odysseus" Campos adressed, " In the ninety's decades, I joined my foreign students protesting before this very Chinesse consulate for the inhumane genocide of Tianamen Square peaceful protestors in China. Now the chinesse Gov has repeated, the violacion of human rihts against Hong Kongers and violated the joint declaration of Autonomy for Hong kongers, signed by UK- China. We can't be accomplices by silence but have a dity to voice and protest for the ones who can't, for Tomorrow is Taiwan and the day after Tomorrow is the Philippines...UK as enforcer of the broken treaty, tou hsve a duty not only to grant citizenship to Hong Kongers who may need to flee internal deportation, kangaroo unjust trials, concentration camps like over a million Uighurs suffer unustly or even death by inhuman torture. As a torture survivor and exilee i have experienced similar violstions of human rights and know Hong Kongers lives depend on protestors like us but beyond granting citizenship, you need to built a coalition of enforcers to stop this Gov opression by the excesses of NSL and along the EU and USA go beyond meaningless TV symbolism but punish economically by trillions of dollars against China and if they continue not to honor the Autonomy rights of Hong Kongers, sign not trade agreements with china, because Hong Kongers lives are in your hands!
World citizens are watching and demanding now, what the enforcers of the Joint declaration treaty are going to concretly do to enforce against the violation of this treaty by the chinesse law and how are you going to have the chinesse roll back their violative NSL?"
By posting this, mostly women protestors ask everyone in the free world, to voice and protest and demand concrete economic sanctions against the Chinesse Gov and wearing CoVid masks and keeping social distancing peacefully protest against chinesse diplomatic authorities!

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