Dictator Must let vote sept 6th of face national civil disobedience.

Bolivian Plebiscite' decision: By August3 Dictator must let them vote on Sep6 2020 or National Civil Disobedience!

Indigenous environmentalists tired of being persecuted by Dictatorial Jeanine Anez, tired of CoVidFamine and Anez lack of a CoVid plan& multiple cancelations of elections, self orgazined and without any central leadership, are marching throughout Bolivia demanding Sep6 2020 Elections, CoVid tests for everyone, demand importation of badly needed respirators, which Anez has talk& talk uselessly, but failed continuosly to provide badly needed respirators and hospital beds and protest against the Lithium give away to USA Corporations instead of building batteries & export them worlwide with agregate value.
The self summoned protestors marched Nationally and gave Monday August3 2020 is the deadline for Dictator Anez to reinstate Sep6 2020 presidencial, congressional... elections or face the frustration, anger and pain of desperate People with all Gov persecutions, CoVidFamine, cancelation of Elections, etc.
DictatorAnez has been blaming everyone like Mr Trump, but conveniently forgets& omitts the failed State Anez is created and encouraged with her police stopping the constitutional right to travel in their own country and backed aaway to Cochabamba, She now threatens to arrest everyone who protests on the streets, lying and blaming protestors to cause deaths, but protestors in La Paz and everywhere else, answered choiring, * We refuse to be CoVid killed and bullet killed by your Gov and be hidden in our homes for you to say there are no CoVid victims in Bolivia. if you don't reinstate Sep6 2020vreelection by Monday Agust3 2020, we will be joining Nal Civil Disobedience throughout Bolivia, blocking the freeways, airports, streets and gov's building till you give us back our Democracy and our right to have Sep6 elections!"
Anez has unconstitutionally violated Bolivia's Art 112 part 1 Code of Constitutional process/CPC by blindly rejecting and filing before her colluding Pluribacional Supreme Tribunal/TCP without complying with it, regarding the new Congressionally approve State of Exception Law, which takes the dictator's favorite tool of repression, "Exception State" which is martial law with total State siege and use of excessive force. But should congress win, it would leave the dictator without teeth to bite citizens with massive arrests, internment to concentration camps and/or summary killings at the site by armed military, police and death squats paramilitaries, which Anez had ordered and committed genocide Sacaba & Genocide Senkata, and that's dictator Anez rushed to ship it back to congres& sued congres before her colluding Supreme Tribunal/TCP
The only constitutiobal branch is Congress at this time bc they were ekected by the People and Anez abuse of Congress, incensed the People bc, Anez was attempting to rollerover Congress's legitimate authority to create laws but Anez attempted to prosecute the president of the Senate Eva Copa, but the People in open public plebescite voted and approved to give an ultimatum to the Dictator:
EITHER BY AGUST 3 2020 you reinstate sep6 elections or we'll steike Natiobally wit Civil Disobedience.
For outsiders to understand this decision:
The people are challenging the dictator inconstitutional violations against congress and against the People, who decided on july 28th 2020, the people can't be indefinitelly denied their constitutional right to vote and their Democracy!
Monday August3 2020, will show us the People's truth and will in Bolivia!

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