FaceBook, Google, Amazon& Apple heroes or monopolistic racketeers?

FB, Google, Amazons, Apple, heroes or monopolistic racketeers?

Facebook, Google, Amazons&Apple wishfully think they are Robin Hoods who create wealth for everybody!

The above are a monopolistic cartel who attended a hearing before a US congressional commitee antitrust hearing and told the wonders they do globally but both parties who are antitrust house subcommittee members had investigators evidence, were not only skeptic but questioning them about their power to crush competitors, extort high fees from customers, hoard out huge cistomers data, sell customers data without our consent, etc
These CEO-con-men were welll rehearsed by their large law firm on how to give long and vague answers ti kill time and not give information that may stiffle their covert cartel monopily and anti competition covert policies and kept conning them that tik tok gives them competitition, an outrageous lie, given the puny businesd size of tik tok. And M Zuckerberg was the head teflon face who candidly was amawering with vague anwers and laying it thick on many of his answers,that he couldn't remember when it came to incriminate FB anticompetition policies but being extremelly accurate whenever came to enhance the alledged good FB does for small businesses and 2.8 billion custoners. But his hipocresy alienated some congressional members the gross misrepresentations he was doing to protect his ilegal policies and he wasvtold to his face, leavong him pale at times.
Google was the second snticompetition coy bandit but he kept stumbling in his answers, and Apple didn't fair well. Bezos was all daring in his misinformations but the subcommitee kept flipping him with facts and his antitrust policies but unrepentant Bezos kept at his agenda of deny collusion, retaliation, extortion fees to customers, etc.
These monopolistic cartel who monopolizes in their respected area of business, hold the power to wreck the economy, candidates, etc.
These monopolistic cartel monitors possible competitirs to blacklist & crush thr businesses that are bad for their monopolistic power. Zuckerberg had years ago corraled Instagram into implicitedly coersed to be purchased by Zuckerberg, who gave a whitewash answer but the subcommittee wasn't buying it.
These cartel is a threat to humanity, to candidates, bc they carry billions of customers, no gov on Earth has that much economic cloud and can bot only black list them but cost them their political careers, besides of holding hostage the people, force the People to submit to them or suffer the ilegal consequences of these colluders&retaliators, they carry the face of respectable people but by their anticompetition policies, etc, are implicit a criminal racket and the Rico law is obsolete and congress in each country, needs to retool and deal ASAP or these cartel along with Black Rock and its carbon cohorts and carbon banks will kidnap the truth and give as systemic DESINFORMATION, as does Zuckerberg.
All congresses of the world need to break these racketeers monopolistic policies and only allow them as a maximun 1 million customers and not billions as now.
Everyday I see people suspended by FB for peacefully expressing their dissent with 5x carbon emissions that FB suppports& profits with these carbon gassers, who are gassing us with carbon dioxide and FB abuses people by alleging a given posting expressing antiCarbon emissions is viewed by FB as " harmful...violates community standards" when in fact it doesn't harm but FB hets away without even a hearing where facebook can shiw any evidence but theybsuspend customers on FB say so. But FB double standard of letting Black Rocker Carbon Corporations post outrageous DESINFORMATION, under FB exception, are million times more harmful to humans bc, FB with their exemption is co- accomplice with carbon emission corporations who stuff our lungs with 500 mpp of deadly carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, every second, every breath we take, the contaminated food we eat, the carbon contaminated water we drink, few years after causes us cancers and over 7 million peopke die premature and unjustly bc of it, thanks to FB and their colluding Carbon emissions corporations!
You remember the road to hell is asphalted with good intentions as this cartel!
When each of these despicable, unrepentant racketeer-tech-giants is broken down as AT&T and Windows Microsoft, ASAP, we then can breath some freedom!

Big Tech CEOs grilled by US lawmakers in antitrust probe


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