Greta: Do Civil Disobedience or Yield to Another

Greta, Civil Disobedience or yeild to another. Our world just cannot wait.
No offense,
what's the matter with you?
2 years of pom pom girls and propaganda for Paris Agreement and forests like Amazons are being burnt and tipping points are being exceeding in the poles, glaciars, mangroves and carbon emissions is now 5x and tempersture rise/10 years is aboutto icrease 6-12°C , you hide from Covid with your pom pom girls, uselessly you are saying 7 years left to expend Paris Agreemet carbon emissions quota for every voluntary pledge.
Come on, you are about adult and you haven't awaken we are about to embark in a one way road to human extinction & you haven't led a single civil disobedience event around an oil refinery, coal mine or protested in Amazon Brazil forest burning nor defended Amazon indigenous defenders being exterminated and extincted but you were touring US& Canada away from burning Amazons.
Either lead a civil Disobedience and put your body on the line defending Mother Earth as Jane Fonda, Fridays drill, zende Gelande & XR or admit you are all talk no actions nor good fruits and yield to another world leader climate defender who can set example by the only way we can save humanity and Mother Earth & biodiversity: #MassiveCivilDisobedienceTillCarbonIsAbrogatedAndSolarEnergyAndVeganEconomyIsDailyRealityl

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