I Trust my Natural inmune System...do you?

I trust my natural inmune system bc it made me a Sars2-CoVid survivor without vaccines. Do you?

BlackRockers CarbonCorporatistsFascists& cohort Govs are using the unconstitutional NDAA to kidnap, deprive of sleep and have the sleep deprive sign confessions and condition to turn another protestor/Climate defenders in order to be released. It's the repetition of Nazi Brown shirts policy, fed officers w/o name tags are kidnapping and getting sleep deprived innocents to sign false written confessions& turned the kidnapped ones, against their fellow climate protestors/ BlackLivesMatter, evidenced in Portland, Oregon, USA.
Some of these kidnapped victims were released by refusing to waive their constitutional rights to public trial by a jury, are being clandestinely flown to middle Eastern secret prisons as High Value Detainees, which was imposed by Bush& Obama-Biden and the present Carbon Gov.
This is BlackRocker carbon Corporatists& cohort Carbon-govs waging their secret antiterrorist warfare.
It's ridiculous to accuse law abiding peaceful tax payers as alleged terrorists, its malicious& false!
But the same NaziCarbonCorporatists are waging this false Antiterroristwarfare against their own innocent citizens, which they did before in NaziGermany, now doing it in USA, for the purpose of perpetuating 20X carbon emissions, which produce them zillions of dollars.
They also use vaccines that are about to be released and sold and some give away, to desperate frightened people.
My ancestors survived the KansasVirus/SpanishFlu without vaccines. I was lucky as Greta and countless people who survive Sars2-Covid without a vaccine!
This rush for vaccines like Astrozeneca and countless others, who allege good intentions, is about to unleash the biggest massive genocide of humanity, bc they are false promises of magic cure, to go back to normalcy!
Sadly there won't be any normalcy but the biggest tragedy due to the pseudo magic vaccines, but they trully distroy our Natural human inmune system. You will have no defense bc this vaccines will embed in your inmune system, not for good but for incertainty, harm and irreversible catastrophe of your inmune system, health, life. And your descendants will have no more the natural inmune system which we were born with.
As a Covid survivor Greta and countless survivors of sarsCovide have a good legacy, a hope, and a natural inmune system which hasn't failed humanity but desperate people will rush for the pseudo magic vaccines, forgetting Covid is mutating plus the irreversible damage by this Astrozeneca vaccines& others, when you see your child being born with genetic anomalies as tripleX, multigeneration inheritance of obesity, very short lives and die, you who chose to irresponsibly rush for unproven magic vaccines, you enabled Astrozeneca and BlackRocker carbon genociders to hurt your children& yourself!
I trust my Natural inmune system bc, it made me a Sars2-Covid survivor without the need of any politically rushed vaccine and their incoming segregationist vaccine passport. BEWARE & DON'T ALLOW THEM TO MAKE YOU ONE OF COUNTLESS BIANNUAL SARSCOVID VACCINE DEPENDANTS!

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