Inhuman Abuses in China where National Security Law allows Kidnapings

4 brave Hong Kongers are kidnapped as a consequence of Beijing's National Security law :inhuman abuses!

Beiging keeps violating Hong Kongers human rights, including their freedom of Speech by using as a weapon of war, Chinesse National Security law and terrorizing Hong Kongers by lying & redefining the right of assambly, the right to express their constitutional grievances against the Chinesse Gov and their freedom of Speech, as subversive, separatist, secessionist, treacherous against China.
These malicious& insidious accusations and their unconstitutional kidnapping of four prominent Hong Kongers, are a violation of UN Chater, a violation of of the 50 year treatise China-UK signed until 2047 to preserve Hong Kongers autonomous status.
In 1997, The UK by signing this 50 year truce in exchange for China to fully take territorial control of Hong Kong, unjustly sold out the freedom and lives of Hong Kongers and their english mea culpa of handing citizenship to Hong Kongers should they give up their Hong Kong land and migrate to the UK, is the root of inhumanly leaving Hong kongers in harms way and the loss of their land.
Our demands for Trump and the EU to apply a 1 trillion economic penalty against china, has been defacto rejected by their racist policies, bc if Hong Kongers were all white Englismen, the UK, EU and USA would already punished them economically and would hsve landed forces to defend Hong Kongers, but these coward racists have refused to defend Hong Kong, beyond lip service- penalty against token authorities, which is useless bc the violator of the 50 moratorium law is the whole chinesse Gov and not few token authorities!
The UK failed to grant statehood independence to Hong Kong, bc of racism and their] UK's economic interests and now Hong Kongers like these innocent, peaceful four leaders were kidnapped and China is planning secret trials for these four victims.
By having disbanded and deleted dissident groups, Hong Konger leaders sought to protect fellow Hong Kongers against the Chinesse National Security law, copied from the USA National Security law.
I wish and hope for a better future for our Hong kongers brothers and sisters but I have none, bc reality of this Chinesse agression shows a dark scenario for Hong Kongers visavis Beiging, much like American Indigenous Tribes in North America against genocidal Colonists agression!0 Hong Kongers face a painful& difficult dilemma:
1] Without large and trillionaire economic and military external support from Uk, EU and USA, Taiwan and ASEAN/SEATO, will Hong Kongers give up and migrate or remain silent and abused by these Chinesse violators of human rights, much like concentration camps repressed Uigurs, kazaks, Hui and Tibetans?
2] On their own will Hong Kongers fight against Chinesse agression for their lives, future and city State Hong Kong, in the uncertain hope UK, EU, USA, Taiwan, ASEAN/SEATO, eventually will come to their aid in the far future?
While Hong Kongers make a decision, we in the west, wearing antiCovid masks and with social distancing, we denounce as we denounced DHS kidnappings of American tax payers in Portland Oregon. We denounce this chinesse Gov kidnappings of four human beings like us and we reject and condemn the kidnappings& demand their release. We must protest in front of Chinesse embassies and consulates and push our countries to press with an Economic embargo, else Hong kongers will be irreversibly lost in secret prisons/concentration camps like Uigurs!

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