Is #CarbonJoeBiden going to show us 2 trillion dollars now or is he a long-nose Pinocchio?

Is CarbonJoe Biden going to show us 2 trillion dollars now or admit he is a long-nose Pinocchio?

The American Petroleum Industry/API lobbying elite for all Carbon corporations, plays their media political act by faking criticism to their next chosen president #CarbonJoeBiden, allege they will continue working with RacistCarbonTrump & RacistCarbonJoeBiden, yet contradict themselves saying, they don't like his 2 trillion dollar wishful environmental plan bc it will cost their quarter million oil, gas, fracking workers jobs, 100k wages/year with energy generated by Nuclear, hidroelectric plants! And they don't like his rebate money for new cars that are less  guzzlers in exchange of their old guzzler cars.
Soldout AFLCIO never fought for workers rights but since Edgar Hoover restructured AFLCIO, meekly submitted to the carbon corporations, allege they are happy with Biden's wishful plan.
Please be reminded all previous Biden's BailOuts were not earnmarked and like Trump Bailouts, most of the bailout money went to carbon Corporations and the leftover change, they threw miserable 1200 dollars/person and of JoeBiden is not told us, where the money from.
He may try to get  it from expanding 20XCarbon emissions's carbon tax. And if he were to produce the money, most of it will go to CarbonCorporations who will produce electricity at the hidroelectric plants with toxic gas powered turbines.
Worst when carbon corporations drill for gas and oil, they increase  huge amounts of toxic methane which is deadlier than toxic carbon dioxide!
Biden as congressman & VP and Trump as President, have given them countless subsidies and bailouts with no strings attached. Since all bailouts come from our taxes or from indebting future generations, why don't we learn to demand our taxes be returned or our taxes that make the  bailouts, should be earnmarked for Climate infrastructure to be repaired and to be preserved and the reminder be given back to us tax payers, us the people, who due to CoVid need it for ourselves& for our children?
But Trump says, I don't care if you die working due to CoVid, keep working to grow the carbon economy so i I can be reelected!
And Biden doesn't lead us in the streets to challenge NEPA Abrogation/deregulation or lead us with civil Disobedience till Carbon is abrogated but all he wants is to become president and while he talks he will continue subsidizing carbon corporations, who made a career for him in congress and the vicepresidency as a carbon die hard. And on Nov3 the carbon corporations... have chosen to make Biden their carbonPresident talking of 2 trillion dollars but perpetuating carbon pandemic, which harms our health & cause us premature deaths at over 7 million deads per year.
Why are we amnesic of these evil carbon candidates' acts in previous offices?
Europen Union citizens are duped as American voters are, bc RacistCarbon Merkel&Macron are not bailing out european citizens nor bailing out our dying planet. The consequence of their carbon policies are making extinct thousands of species, but are bailing out with 750 billion Euros, the deadly& obsolete carbon industry mostly in southern Europe, instead of investing those 750 billions in SolarEnergy&Vegan production system to decrease carbon, gas, oil, methane, nitrogen dioxide deadly emissions.
Time will show us, these racistCarbon politicians in office, will continue gassing us with deadly carbon dioxide, methane, nitogen dioxide, mercury & a thousand deadly carcinogenic chemicals, they use to frack oil& gas, gas that Biden will use in hidroelectric turbines, to produce electricity! nuclear production of deadly dirty electricity, yet frequent earthquakes will cause nuclear mass casualties& mass disasters as it happened in Long island, Fukojima, chernobil, etc...
Nuclear is an extinct industry Biden wants to resurrect with most of those 2 trillion unmarked dollars the Nuclear industry for his trillonaire dollars arms race, bc he dreams to win a nuclear victory over the Russians ti get their oil.
What a waste of money and waste of lives is a nuclearr arms race, when hard realitists, The Kennedy brothers showed us there are no victors with Mutually Assured Destruction nuclear war and year 2020, is more than assured extinction of humanity by hypersonic nuclear russian missiles& chinesse missiles.
Listen to our Icon Kennedys, whose lives carbon Corporations, weapons merchants of death& the military cost us.
Biden must not be permitted to resurrect nuclear arms rsce nor nuclear plants!
Biden should show us the 2 trillion dollars then earnmark it to produce sole Solar Energy rather than his meager 60K turbines, a cruel joke!
But while Boden doesn't show us 2vtrillion dollars, how stupid dies he take us for, when he never keepsvhis promises and forgets them, once he is in office as he did countless times. Biden promised if elected he would terminate the afghan war but he surged it and we are still in NeverEnding multiple wars in the middle east, for deadly oil and he isn't abrogated his Freedom Act that espies on americans, nor he's not return our Habeas Corpus relief, which he abrogated and he has kept refusing to defund the military, defund the police and defund the countless prisons. And he is n't abrogated his Omnibus Law that incarcerates people of color 5 fold, even this year 2020! And he isn't repatriated the 4 million deportees, that made countless children parentless since he was VP!

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