Joe's Parodic Star Spangled banner!

Joe's parodic Star Spangled banner

I am #JoeBidenCarbonCorpocrat
a concealed-bully so people can vote for me!
Trump denounces himself
with fascism, racism, carbon Pandemia& CoVid Pandemia, but hiding from questioning journalists
I only campaign digitally,
for voters not to realize
I overfunded the gang- member-police, took away your Habeas corpus relief, gave away billions to police and overfunded prisons for Blacks
& as VP 4 eight years killed millions of Arabs& Afghanies including children to take their oil, aiing to take central Asia's Oil.
Countlessly subsidized oil Corpocrat-racists like me, we plantation masters call blacks "Boys" and soon as I am elected president, i will give you a token XL oul pupe cancelation so historians can praised me as AntiOil but overlook my 20X increase of carbon, surge the oil wars as i did in Aghanistan and multiple oil war fronts, to keep oil king in high demand
And release from Lab more advanced COVid viruses, so i will rule by fear and show my compassion by returning to the Paris Agreement, legalize the CarbonStockParisAgreementMarket and throw change to beggars and subsidize carbon perpetuation by a penny for every ton of Carbon emissions, so with beggars change, 8 billion beggars can mitigate, adapt to 12°C/decade temperature increase, I'll transform the green planet into a desert green deal of green methane gas and keep in a museun the last piece of the melting polar artic& Antartic, another last piece after i finish meltingbthe glaciars and a token fish in a tank after I extinct the oceans, and you'll see a token picture of extinct corn and sell you a pound of transgenic red meat& a pound of wheat for a week of your beggar's work.
If you miss the rain, i will let you enjoy "Dancing in the rain" to enjoy your notalgia for extinct rain.
And if you want to breath what used to be free oxygen, you'll have to buy an oxygen bottle from me!
"Joseph gives us some food" you'll plead to me, as before Joseph inEgypt, and i will take your land in exchange for you tio have a daily food ration.
And when you have no land and ask for a shelter,
"Transgenic plantations need bracero laborers" will command you, to go there, before you work, put on your shackels and chain cuffs to be part of one of the chain gangs, just as in the days of Joseph in Egypt but before me JosephBidenInAmerica!
You cryout against carbon but the 20X carbon increase is for slave jobs, meaning jobs for you to pay for your daily ration of food & cry not for getting CoVid but go back to work and don't you dare to question why I continue subsidizing my carbon Corpocrats, bc what is good for CarbonCorpocrats is good for America!
And you what are you doing gazing my colonial J&B whiskey?
"Master, my wife and child are hungry, would you give us Master Lincoln's signed slavery compensation law of 40 Acres& a mule to each of us slaves?" As I stepped to the sidewalk, his question froze me, after we were making final preparations for the 4 of july fireworks.
I turned and left him on the street and entered my home& had somebody else call the police.
Sometime after saw a video, and it was my loyal Joe Shovin knelt on someone's neck, his parter on his back and 3rd one on his legs, to get the air out of the strong negro plantation worker
"I can't body aches..."
"Get off him" somebody tried to intervene, to aide the face down plantation black man, while my loyal former service man kept moving his legs to keep digging on his strong neck.
"Back off" a fourth policeman stopped the person trying to intervene.
Sometime later, someone said, a tall& strong black male had been a casualty of a choque hold, and then i gave a video consolation eulogy for his orphan.
Through my campaign i used it over& over to advance in the polls as a protector master of blacks, but then when interviewers asked me,
"We heard he had asked for 40 acres of land and a mule! Next he was choque hold assasinated coldly by the police, the widow and orphan are asking along with their peers, 'Defund the police'"
"No" i said knowing of my former military serviceman, loyal Shovin! and now hearing this social movement seeking equality, and journalist asking me to defund my police, " Not defund the police, but reform..."
"Its been centuries since shackeled slaves were brought and masters and police have promised reforms and they all have failed and black men's assasinations have climbed. Do we really need a police and a military since there is the undenyable axiom is already known to everyone, Mutually Assured destruction?"
"No military& police, no private property, no private carbon, how would we employ people?
" Only rich hoarderers like you, need the police, for poor have no private property but are killed for being people of color, wanting equality and carbon abrogation now! And with a solar& vegan economy still there would be jobs" as i heard her, took her picture to put it in my secret dossier to silence enemies of America, who question our corpocratic cleptomania
And when seeing no cameras, shoved her tobput the fear iof god in her and then moved away.
Its about sunset of the 4.
"You have july 4 to celebrate. We have nothing to celebrate" heard a Frederick Douglas paraphrasing black man.
A gun shot and a man and a Karen appeared with an uzi machine gun and a pistol, and the black group fled from the American Rambo terrorists.
" Happy 4 of..." I said seeing my four police officers, now in plain clothes due to administrative leave for having killed a black man.
" July" heard them complete.
" Oh say can you see..." heard a beautiful black woman, belting our Hymn in high C,
"By the dawn early lights
What so proudly carbon racists, hold..." hearing& recognizing the despondant widow, my feelings began to turn to blind rage before the singing sexy widow,
"Killing black people as before Lincoln days
And the bombs red glare
with millions of arab oul owners dead and countless black victims of choque holds,
Gave proof through the night, widows cry
Genocide of our black men"
Seeing no cameras, raging dragged her into the barn and violently shoved my toxic carbon in her till discharging my animal racism& libido in the widow of my victim& ravished left her behind And upping my carboncratic blue pants like the police with hands in my pockets, went out and sang the Hymn, as the new Carbon corpocratic president to be,
"Oh say... can you see the red star spangle  banner
...of free white Aryan corpocrats like me,
And the flag was still there
Ovr the lifeless toxic carbon land, of the free!"

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