Join Civil Disobedience till Carbon dictator J Anez flees!

Go to the streets& join Civil Disobedience till CarbonDictatorAnez flees!

Most underdeveloped countries who are rich in natural resources are being people's candidates are decapitated with illegal framing of charges& their elections delayed multiple times, to rig elections so Black Rock puppet carbon govs perpetuate themselves in power.
Matter of fact, Ecuador,
& Bolivia are evidence of Black Rock electoral undemocratic & unpopular manipulations against the will & the interest of the people!
In Ecuador Former President Rafael Correa's party has been ilegally banned from presidential elections!
If the people organizes throw long & extended massive civil disobedience, they can be reinstated, else Carbon Corporatists will impose their exclusive elections with only carbon candidates!
In Bolivia BlackRock through its puppet dictator CarbonJeanineAnez, are executing 3 dictatorial political impositions.
1] Through their imposed& controlled TSE& TCP have charges seeking to ban the incoming election's winner ArceCatacora- Choquehuanca.
2] Through TSE are imposing intentionally 3rd Elections postponement to give time to Anez to get rid of ArceCatacora- Choquehuanca, abatement of CoVid to allege Anez stopped CoVid19, therefore vote for her & not impotent& owardly C Mesa.
3] Anez having unconstitutionally imposed reward of military promotions to her coup military partners, appointed them as large& small guarrisons' commanders, advancing the final preparations of her Auto Coup D'etat to close ALP Congress&rule by decree, should her electronic vote rigging of Octuber18& runoff against Mesa on Nov29 2020's fail.
These are the malious acts of BlackRock Carbon corporatists/fascists& having provided their puppet AnezDictator & having provided war weapons, including war forbidden tear gas, chemical weapons, rubber bullets made in USA, to kill peaceful protestors instead of purchasing and providing respirators&hospital beds for CoVid victims!
These Black Rock Carbon Corporatists/fascists expect you to resign and die home quietly with underreported CoVid, but tgink about your children & to survive, so
day aftervday for this long dark winter 2020, wearing CoVid protective gear& keeping social distance of 8 feet, go to the streets and join Civil Disobedience till October& CarbonDictator Anez will flee to Miami, as Goni fled!

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