Lincoln's Assassination ended with the gov for, by & of the people!

Lincoln's assassination ended with the gov for,by and of the people!
When the Elite that ruled the confederation of States had a controversy of ecomomic interests between northern and southern States, regarding racism& economic slavery of blacks, it divided and clashed in a deadly civil war from 1861-1865.
And though the civil war could go on as guerrilla warfare yet both sides were getting exhausted& behind Abraham Lincoln colluded and secretly agreed an apparent surrender& a deal.
Lincoln got war from drunk megalomaniac elitist Ulyses Grant, Lee would surrender his forces and approved the military armistice
If it had been a military surrender, Lee would have delivered his weapons and put himself at disposal of the Northern victors and due to his seditious treason, war lives cost and immense economic losses& war crimes& along his commanders& Jefferson Davis Secesionist Gov, be court martialed and hang as the Nazi heads of gov were at the Nurember trial.
But They were not court martialed nor faced penal trials for their deadly acts but Lee paraded his trroops before Grants and passed a military revision and then they all went home free, including the hesds of the sedition treasonous Davis Gov.
In fact months later, they run for office and were governors, etc
All this evidence shows the elites are inmune& impune for their acts. But this reunited Carbon Elite acting as a State within a State, kept their capital and upon hearing from victor VP Andrew Johnson, Lincoln had just sign a presidential decree to compensate to the freed black slaves, 40 acres and a mule to each of them, and was coming to a theater now that the country was already at peace and union soldiers were on absolute terrotorial control and would be to honor union officers with a play.
The carbon elites of North& South as one State inside a State, colluded and used Booth as a trigger man, who is believed to have assassinated A Lincoln and tthetheater' full of unio officers let W Booth flee.
Lincoln's body wasn't even cold yet, when the elite colluders had Johnso take tge presidency and tore the give away compensation to each black laborer of 40 acresa and a mule.
Then days after did not captured corraled Booth but silenced his lips as they later did to John Kennedy and executed Lee Oswald to covered up for the ring masters.
As you saw above, the united elite got rid of the gov for, by andbog the People, by assasinating the president of the USA bc they didn't want to loose their land and mules to black men and then continued to impose their systemic racism and above all the preservation of their ill gotten wealth with past slave labor but shifted to make blacks economicly& politically dependent of their policies.

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