Not 2035 nor 2050 carbon neutral, Abrogate Carbon Now AbrogateRedMeatNow!

Not 2035, nor 2050 carbon Neutral, #AbrogateCarbonNow !!!

Gretings to our law abiding, peaceful and active climate defenders, specially Dutch citizens like Wouter Mouton& his daughter& countless Greta climate justice defenders from Fridays for Future...
Today, let's ask ourselves what's on our food? Our water& the oxygen we breath?
Countless billons of meat eaters don't realize their animal red meat costs gigatons of toxic Carbon emitted by transport ships' traveling over 10K miles if it comes from the Amazon-Andean region, from transgenic cows grown by hormones, fed by transgenic soy high in excessive antibiotics, to grow them in half the time organicly bred &raised by organic grass. You consume this red meat genetically altered for a few years, plus transgenic chicken meat, fed by transgenic soy& e cessibe vaccines, antibiotics& hormone growth and excessive carcinogenic Round up and/ or gliphosate suddenly you are obese& are diagnose with hypertension, diabetes, yellow liver, kidney failures...
You don't realize how a gym active individual gets these illnesses and start with daily insuline shots, etc. After a few years you are a regular in/outpatient, who gets diagnose with cancer and take more daily medicines.
You've been breathing every second of your life, oxygene contaminated by 500 mpp of Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogene oxide from the car you drive and encounter in the streets, then gasp for air.
The doctors diagnose you with lung cancer and brain cancer. You start with surgical removal of tumors and end temporarily using a wheelchair.
You a red meat eater got for drinks to a bar and days after you gasp for air, are tested& diagnosed with Covid19.
What's going to happen to your little children& wife?
You already have pre-existing medical conditions: diabetes, skin cancer removed surgically, lung and brain cancers and now with CoVid19 your chances of survival are extremelly low as opposed to a vegetarian who is not a cancer sufferer, Non diabetic, etc, he is got over 60% chance to survive Covid.
Then your wife gets diagnosed with cancers and interned like you bc you gave it to her, without knowing.
While you both fight for your life, who is looking after your little children and what of their future amid Covid pandemia, carbon Pandemia, unemployment pandemia... and if you parents may die who will care for them?
You a
You say, nah, this can't happen to me, were strong like bulls!
That's what countless people said but countless parents die and orphans are left behind, parentless, helpless and facing a dangerous growing Carbon Pandemia that in few years will be 1200 mpp of carbon dioxide methane, nitrogen oxide and other toxic industrual gasses used in fracking, etc.
Your health & life duration is not guaranteed and as you both are entubated to artificial respirators, bc of your medical pre- existing conditions due to red meat, 600 mpp toxic carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen fall into inconsciousness and days after your wife too.
You both died.
What have you done to yourself with toxic transgenic red meat, toxic transgenic soy that fed the animals you ate, the toxic water you drunk contaminated with cadmiun, mercury, lead...has collected your parental lives to Covid Whereas a vegetarian who had no preexisting medical conditions survived Covid.
But even the surviving vegetarian patient, has to realize while humanity does't abrogate carbon, he too can become a dead individual bc of Carbon pandemia's growing contamination of oxygen we breath every second of our lives.
Greta's climate emergency and Wouter Mouton's "More Shell less future" are undisputed axioms but we don't have a decade to save the climate tipping points to survive as humanity bc presently the siberian & Artic tipping points are being exceeeded and we are in the last stretch before the point of No-Climate-return/bound for extinction, right when in the most richest& powerful USA&EU& BRICS unfit carbon candidates CarbonJoeBiden & CarbonTrump have us trapped to their carbon interests & 20Xcarbon increase and nuclear plants which will genocide us with nuckear arms race& conflict and carbon pandemia, besides CoVid Pandemia and Biden becoing president will legalize carbon perpetually by means of Swishh cheese deceiful voluntarism at Paris Agreement carbon stock market with carbon tax.
You can tax all you want but change pennies thrown at you and humanity won't save us from Carbon Pandemia, extincting us, while Biden talks of carbon neutral 2035, too little too late!
Wouter&his daughter, Jane Fonda, extinction rebellion& EndeGelaende are almost to start civil disobedience, the only tool and means to stop gassing us with carbon dioxide as Hitler gassed our innocent but passive jewish grandparents.
Had our Jewish grandparents masively gone with civil disibedience and humanity too, it would have been a better chance to survival and this is our obly chance to go on #MassiveCivil DisobedienceTillWeAbrogateCarbonNow
and not in 2035 nor in 2050, too little too late!
What's your decision?
Will you wear covid gear, keep social distance, and join WouterMouton, Greta, give a larger future to our children?

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