Not listening hard reality, we produce anger, pain, suffering...

Not listening to hard reality we produce anger, pain, suffering& unnecessary near death experiences& death!

Among first tastes my sister had as a child was meat, a habit she kept despite E coli& mad cow disease. Nothing could change her mind and she was vaccinated by all the vaccines they used on city kids and would never change her daily habits which included meat eating.
That was until she and her partying friends got ill by CoVid and she received a visit by a health staffer, asking her who else was present in their LGTB parties and with reluctance gave some names and breath relief she had no CoVid. Despite her friends being less numerous, she kept with her partying habits and one day I got a call from her, barely able to listen on the phone her voice.
Hindsight i blame myself for not having being stern with her and demanded not to eat meat anymore, but after her phone call, i called an ambulance for her and took off for her house. By the time i arrived, the paramedics had entered by the rear kitchen door and removed her on a guerney and were about to take off.
I yelled if they had my sister, and one nodded, and the other threw a card and then took off.
My sister had acquired CoVid and was 21 days hospitalized.
I don't like to remember what i went through for it feels me with anger and pain.
Anger bc she had ignored people, including me and had kept eating meat, the means by which she got CoVid, confirmed by health officials, who i had to direct them to enter by the kitchen's rear door my sister always left unlocked.
Angry bc she ignored me and kept me not only 21 days but 40 till she could take care of herself and the money she cost me, from the day she got discharged from the hospital and I had to pay for a cook for her till her 40th day.
Angry because she was stubborn about eating meat& all the suffering she brought me unnecessarily.
Pain bc the thought i could loose my sister caused me tears and immense sufering and insomnia. I remember when woke up calling her name and she wasn't there and slowly while rubbing and dring my eyes and became fully awake and remembered she was absent still at the hospital and the anguish and anxiety for her caused me to cry dry tears, for my eyes couldn't secrete anymore tears.
I write to you, hopping you can listen and save your family and yourself, pain, suffering and unnecessary ecomic costs, because of not being able to listen, that CoVid can strike anyone sooner or later, synthomatic or asynthomatic, you get ill and i got ill, because i touched something in her kitchen and got ill with CoVid bc, the cook i hired, had not sanitized& cleaned enough her kitchen, to make it CoVid free.
My illness was less severe than hers and I breath in relief, when after 14 days i got discharged from the hospital my sister had answered my phone call from her house and not from the hospital she had been interned in and i went to her house to see her in person.
We wanted to hug each other and kiss on the cheeks but i stopped and keeping my distance said "No"!
We are both okay, and I accept the economic loses she caused me for not listening to stop eating meat but the blind thrust we had is gone. And though we are still close i no longer trust but question her twice and don't take it at face value, bc CoVid is not about she or me, its about everyone around us!
I write this to you a meat eater and remind you of the awful ways meat butchers and meat eaters cause, bc animals are killed in brutal ways, from heavy hammer blows to the head, to stabs in their hearts and how the poor victims run trying to escape, as if pleading for their lives, "Don't kill me" yet their assasine butchers, kill the victims mercilessly and blood pours on the floors of cow slaughter houses, to give you the meat eater, the ill pleasure of eating countless of these poor animals in your lifetime, bc like my sister used to be, meat eaters listen to no one.
The day of my visit to her house, we spoke no more and just about today got a call from her, "I no longer eat meat and stopped partying..."
I know one shouldn't cry for getting good news, but we both cried, bc she is given up entrenched habits, after she realized she had gotten coVid by eating read meat contaminated with CoVid and partying dangerously thst her liver was inflamed. Her habits could have cost her life and mine when we both got stricken by CoVid!
We uttered no words but our tears and sobs of relief and happiness said it all!
If everyone of us gives eating red meat, not only we will preserve bigger chances to keep our health and avoid CoVid via contaminated CoVid red meat, but save our world's forrests and animalsand trees from continuing being burnt alive, to enrich carbon corporations with billion toxic industry of transgenic soy and read meat. Meatless we increase our chances of getting oxygen produced by forest trees, we can turn our attention to save ourselves from carbon Pandemia and CoVid pandemia, bc there is no time to waste bc we are exceeeding climate tipping points in glaciars, permafrost and in Siberia which instead of being cold, its a very hot summer peeking 100F and burning, burning, burning species and we are next!

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