Our Empathy, solidarity and salute to professor Maureen Healy...

Our Empathy, solidarity and salute to professor Maureen Healy, our antifacism survivor and hero for
Mother Earth's, Racial Justice's & Social Justice's Martyrs& Survivors!

We peaceful protestors, exercising our constitutiobally mandated grievances are continuing to be singled out, ambushed and cowardly attacked and shot at, throughout the globe by Black Rocker carbon Corporatists& their cohorts govs and their repression aparatuses.
Health& life have no price and we are not in it for money nor are for sale or for corporatists gofts to buy us out. We are voicing peacefully to AbrogateCarbonNow, AbrogateRedMeat
AbrogateTheocraticReligions bc they enslave humans for something that can't be shown, etc.
Countless peaceful Climate defenders have been singled out unjustly by Govs, racial injudti e protestors shot with chemical weapons, tear gas canisters at point blank and evidence has shown the pattern of these victims began with facial recognition, pictures taken from social media postings, surveillance and selectively singled out by infiltrators, informants, plainclothes feds officers, police, JDL, etc.
Among countless law abiding and innocent victims are journalists, indigenous leaders and everyday ordibary citizens who have been posting, calling or protesting.
Dr Felipe Campos picture was taken at his work site when summoned by his boss, there was a USAID staffer, who non chalantly engaged with his boss in a conversation, while opening his business suit case, then his boss dismissed him. Dr F Campos travelled and when he was meeting, a managet showed up and dispersed the public meeting and as Dr Campos was about to leave the exit an empkoyee stopped hom and a plainclothes federal officet showed up and took him into detention. Dr F Campos requested for a lawyer and a court date and reasonable bail, but they refused and at sunset ambushed the sleep him as he woke up abruptly, injected him an unknown substance.
He awoke from unconsciousness in an unknown site and after a long ordeal where they kept sedating him, they dumped him in some dark alley.
Though he survived, his physical injuries and impaired memory left him dysfuntional for a long time and only later fragmented flash backs slowly allowed him to regain some facts of his kidnapping, but a great part of those actions of the kidnapping and during the kidbapping are unretrieved due to the unknown daily IV shots by strangers.
Medical exoerts were able to deduce by having exanined him repeatedly, necessarily the kidnappers kept him undet sedation, which erased most of his on anf off again, regarnong consciousness during his kidnapping.
Dr Maireen Healy who is an acadenmic at Lewis & Clark college in Portland Oregon, who lectures on fascism, off her work hours and off her emplyment site, had joined her students protesting against racial injustice, had been for no crime under federal gov surveillance for no other reason than teaching fascism [which is corporatism-above-the rule-of-law] and for protesting and she was being preyed on while she was at the protest site, and the paramilitary FedOfficers shot to kill her with a canister projectile.
The victim got kbocked down with an injury to the head, breaking her superior eye socket bones, injuring her brain.
According to medical experts, the shot was aimed plausibly at the crista gally, which is a pointed bone in between both hemisphere of her brain and could have caused her brain hemorraghe, killing her but fortunatelly it didn't fracture the Crysta Gally but het superior eye socket bones, saving her life!
These kind of ahot to the head or face are deadly techique routinely taught at the School if the ameri as to foreign mitary officers who kill their citizens to silence protestors, being missused against innocent, unarmed citizens-tax payers.
Welcome to America.
This is what our 750 billion dollars/year has been inmune& impunely, is been done in a routine basis by our tax dollars in our name but without our consent, and now these deadly paramilitary fed officers are doing it to innocent american citizens.
A society is Dejure or Defacto policy ruled, in this coward deadly assasination attempt against a fellow American professor, Maureen Healy, it's a Defacto policy, that is above the rule of law and is unnaceptable and we condemn it!
As you can see USA is being under some Defacto policies as in these cases and its undeniable we are living under fascists policies. But its the kind of concealed fascism under the mask od the perfect democracy, which is a deception but as academicians, we know to expose evil, as is: Corporatism/fascism/ living above the rule of law, unaccountable, unjust and unconsented.
You remember Standard Oil, JP Morgan Chase, City Corp, Bank America..ITT, Ford,Shell oil, Vickers, Bank of England, etc are same fascist corporatists who bankrolled Hitler and are the same carbonCorporatists, unnacountable, NonTransparent, unfairly directing through their carbon cohorts in Gov, these fascist policies against innocents like Dr Healy.
ITT was one of the carbonfascists who executed the AntiAllende Coup, the Argentine Coup, The Banzer Coup, the Garcia Meza Coup, Operation Condor, etc now doing it to us american tax payers and in our own streets in America.
Elon Musk is another fascist/ corporatist who said publicly in twitter about seizing Bolivian Lithium from their poppet dictator J Anez, who was imposed after the coup against E Morales, "We'll do a coup to whoevet we want" shows the evidence of American right wing fascism, as is.
If we are silent and passive, corporatist fascism will keep injuring and killing us cold and premeditatedly but the more we denounce fascism, the better chance to deter it.
Our empathy and solidarity with our sister, Maureen Healy& her family, hope you heal with the least disabilities and we climate defenders and antifascism humans hope to see you soon, for the best of you is still to come, for life, and beterment of humanity and biodiversity.
We love you and care for you and thank you for everything you are doing for us!
Further education about deadly massive fascism refer to Michael Gramsci, J Hannah Arendt, Noam Chomsky, etc.


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