...patriot-saviorCandidates RepublicanDemocrats are carbon gas genociders!

Remember your history: Patriot-saviorCandidates RepublicanDemocrats are Carbon gas genociders!

People thought the way to get rid of George W Bush- Cheney's NeverEnding oilwars & violations of civil rights by laws like the patriot act was to replace Republicans with Democrats Obama-Biden for 8 years, but this latter harms more than Bush, bc not only surged the neverending oil wars and didn't return to americans our right to Habeas Corpus Relief against abusive fascistGov but added to Bush Patriot law in 2011 when renewing it, the National Defense Authorization Act/NDAA, which nowadays is being used against us by militarized federal officers who kidnap peaceful protestors without charge and detain them in secret prisons without the right to legal due process as they do in foreign battlefields of their neverending oil wars against alleged terrorists.
Who is a terrorist?
Not one armed with any war weapons but anyone who questions authority& civil right abuses in America.
In America?
Yes, BlackRockers Oil corporations missusing our Gov be this Bush or Obama-Biden. In fact in 2011 while vacationing in Kailua, Hawai, Obama pushed by Biden signed said
Antiterrorist NDAA to turn American streets into battlefields by militarized federal officers who patrol as on occupied MiddleEast oilcountries and kidnap any one they perceive being a terrorists and by this militarized federal officers mean tax paying americans as domestic terrorists without any evidence, any court, they disappear our citizens as terrorists for undetermined time in undetermined concentration camp/ prison and for undetermined fate.
This is nothing new but was hiden by BlackRocker Carbon Corporations from the colonial times, to the Confederate vs Union Civil war, to Oliver Wendel Holmes, to WWII when FDR sent to war people of color and NISEI Japanese American born while interning their japanese parents in concentration camps/Internment camps.
And in the vietnamese civil war while bombarding them with buowarfare agent orange, american military executed Operation phoenix, to imprison or execute any suspect unarmed Commnunist civilian. In the middle East Neverending oil wars, the American military and allies executed civilians suspected of terrorism and/ or intern them in High value detainees prisons like Guantanamo, Abu Graib...and nowadays militarized federal officers paid with our taxes are doing it to us innocent tax payers, bc they don't like our anti carbon Pandemia protests and also bc they are obeying blindly, their commander in chief who tells them, lies and call us unpatriotic and made up the accusation that every protestor is an anarchist &/ or T.
Protestors are peaceful, we do reject violence, refuse to bear guns and simply don't want Biden's car on Tax, bor Paris Agreement carbon tax, but we want to live in peace and save humanity and our planet and biodivetsity from Carbon destructors as Biden& Trump bc they are gassing us to death with methane, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide same as BlackRockers carbon corporations banrolled Nazifascists, who gas with zyklone B gas, our innocent grandparents.
We want to live and we can survive if we #CarbonAbrogateNow and the gl9be repkaced it with solar EnergyVeganEconomy bc we don't want to be genocided by their carbon dioxide gas plus carbon tax to be used to bury us in common mass graveyards as was done by these same CarbonNazifascists during WWII.
Listen to reason& listen to Science and peacefully join Scientists CivilDisobedience till we #AbrogateCarbonNow

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