...protest kidnapping of innocent protestors by nameless Federal officers!

Denounce, shame & protest kidnappings of innocent peaceful protestors by nameless Federal officers!

I take my hat off before survivors from concentration camps and hope people who committed crimes against humanity, when captured may tell us of their victims, to save the victims or at least find their remains, pay our respect& ceremonially put them to rest.
Like our law abiding& peaceful mentor Dr Felipe Campos an exilee& survivor of torture, I realize the value of health& life have no price and its a sacred human duty to aid kidnapped victims of State& of the state's repressive arms against law abiding, innocent, unarmed and peaceful humans, be citizen or immigrant, binational, etc.
The CIA & the School of the Americas' military members directed the above crimes against humanity through their money purchased& submissive foreign military officers who were trained in the USA, etc.
Dr Felipe Campos lost Marcelo Q SCZ, his close friend Miss Ardaya was kidnapped& gang raped by military staff and Argentina was one of many countries where the mighty dollar stained with innocents blood, it's " In god we trust" fiat money.
Civilian Omar Marocchi, Susana valor and their on the way baby were kidnapped, raped, tortured& killed and Luis Esteban Kyburg was one of their countless criminal operatives.
The tragedy& injustice is to so much talked german repentance of genocide crimes, Germany still protects german criminals such as Kyburg.
Dr F Campos said in one of his lectures, "...we hear of unpunished LatinAmerican military members committed these heinous crimes against humanity but rarely speak of who coordinated& cleared these crimes: The CIA& Military School of the Americas and never mentioned the masterminds of these very inhuman crimes, sitting inmune& impune with commendation medals on their chests, who were or still are in the Pentagon, the State Department etc. And even when the USA declassifies the victims names, whenever researching you open these declassified files, don't be surprised to get blank pages, and expressions of feigned compunction, 'Oops, it was deleted...sorry...'" and among those icons is H Kissinger, who fled France to avoid being deposed and is inmune and impune!
But you are suppose to bow down to Kissinger as to god and damned if you question his alleged acchievements,
"Antisemite" they will outshout you, even though, you are a goodshooshoos, as I am and J Hannah Arendt was, but had to stop questioning why some grandchildren found some grandparents dinning with nazis while 6 million innocent Jews were being Zyklone B gassed, as today we are gassed by the same bankrollers who bank rolled Racist Hitler, and Arendt's rabbis had to save her in exchange of becoming silent to the truth from then on.
As a woman heard in awe Dr Felipe Campos, " Jewish citizens were being kidnapped from their houses, on the streets and nowhere was safe and all our historians recorded, as in Anna Frank's case, some neighbors denounced her family and the gestapo came and kidnapped and intern them into concentration camps& later Anna Frank was killed.
But it never tells us who the gestapo officers were!
Human memory is frail and access to the truth is blocked in secrecy by the State and its repressive aparatus, especially when those countries are economically dependent on the U S. as Videla's Argentina was & is.
But to US citizens reading or hearing of these kidnappings, tortures, rapes& killings were surreal to them in the seventies decade on, happening to poor devils in some forgotten banana Republics, couldn't happen in USA and at the hands of the Gov, because they were indoctrinated that doesn't happen at home bc we are a unique Democratic model, but that was simply being brainwashed & wishful thinking"
"What do you mean?" Interjected him.
"Who, when, where was kidnapped George Floyd and killed if not in USA. And where are The wall of mothers being gassed, shot& kidnapped in unmarked vans and by Federal officers bearing no badges/nameless disappeared them in USA's streets, under a democratic Gov facade...terrorizing its own citizens & pepper spraying children in their faces...matter of fact, in Portland, Oregin, New Mexico, illinois....?" He showed undisputed evidence of newspaper clips& videos, etc. Shutting me up with facts, as opposed to Trump's and Biden's lies.
"Both candidates demonize tax payers as anarchists, Ts &enemies of the state , of the police, of the military of the gov and both refuse to defund the police. Doesn't the evidence show you, both candidates are subverting the truth, language and missusing their misrepresentations as if truth, but are plain lies, bc we citizens are seing it daily pripagayed by BlackRock, and BlackRock is present locally under so many guises and names like AERA ENERGY that has in little cities like Ventura, 20 offices to control locally, statewide and federally & through their colluding carbon Cohorts, including Trump and Biden.
Beware secrecy only brings opression, kidnapping, rapes, tortures and unjust State Killings and unjust Fed Gov opression that violates our civil& human rights that even the UN Human rights commision has denounced kidnappings in unamarked vans and federal officers not bearing their badges is against the UN Charter?
But if there is silence, these nameless federal opressors of American citizens, go free, inmune& impune, so follow the lead of State legislators and city majors to shame publicly these deadly abuses by Federal Gov & its Federal repression aparatuses w/o any constitutional backing bc, there are no federal crimes involved for them to take action bc, they have no jurisdiction and its our duty to have them leave our land and only come when invited or a federal emergency arises. Case in point Portland's mayor was attacked& gassed by These secret identity kidnappers-FederalOfficers and police members.
When acting violent& inmune, they assaulted the law abiding mayor of Portland and gassed him, Carbon fascists as Trump are sending the message, "Shut up and flee, or you will be kidnapped and/or killed by nameless officers & if you get the legal favor to be brought to a court of law, you can't see the face, name or identity of your accusers"
Its's not a legal favor, as Americans, everyone has the constitutional right to confront witnesses, cross examine them, know who your accuser is; a jury of one's peers and the right to jury trial and a public trial of you, innocent until proven guilty but Juries mostly  will acquit you!
But as Dr Felipe Campos sentenced, "lIt backfired and coupled with Covid19 deaths Troump is irresponsibly caused with his deadly policies&; attempts to hide the CoVid deads he is caused. Good bye Mr Trump & hire your best lawyers bc you got criminal proceeding awaiting for you for the kidnapping orders you gave to your federal officers, and in less than 5 months and your underlings are not all sacrificial lambs as Cohen, but incriminating witnesses"
To Dr Felipe Campos words, i'd like to add to our American citizens:
We got some catching to do, with our Spanish speaking Americans and Mothers & Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.
These Federal officers kidnapping in secret our fellow citizens needs to co stantly be denounced and demand constitutional guarantees for their freedom and lives, following Philip McGee, shame publicly the Gov for these inhuman repressions against our innocent fellow citizens, bc if we remain silent, more kidnappings and potential deads will be happening. The more efective we become in denouncing these unconstitutional kidnappings, the less victims will exist.
Its your freedom& life, our lives we must peacefully defend in the streets past election day bc silent JoeBiden cocreated high value detainee secret overseas prisons and gasses us with deadly methane, carbon gas, nitrogen oxide gas, by resurrecting nuclear plants& nuclear arms race and 20X carbon emissions and endless oil subsidiez, he will increase from over 7 million annual victims to 100 fold!
Either we resign to be Carbon gassed or wearing CoVid gear& keeping social distance we peacefully 

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