remain healthy& alive than die for Biden or Trump

We owe it to our children& grandchildren to remain healthy& alive than die for Biden or Trump!

BlackRocker Carbon Dixicrats JoeBiden& DTrump for all their empty speeches and promises, they don't really care what happens to 333 million citizens but are ready to pull the card race to deceive us & directed us to the slaughter house on Nov3 2020, each promising to make America Great again, as if America is not great without these 2 narcissistic megalomaniac, neurotic& psychotic candidates.
These brutal police overfunders& carbon pushers, self righteous& self serving SOBS and their paid spin heads tell us, they care for workers but as friday deadline for unemployment insurance approaches to severe the umbilical chord and leave 30 million taxpaying workers, their families and our Country in the cold carbon epidemic and CoVid pandemic tsunamies, to fend by ourselves or sink. It becomes clear they never cared what happens to millions of american families!
For all his talk before John Lewis' last journey, how come Joe Biden isn't in the streets with the People and workers, leading us to Stop AdolfDTrump& his GestapoFedOfficers& his SSPoliceOfficers, demanding to sign the 3 trillion dollars fund to reactivate the "w recessive" economy or at least get approved a congressional mail-in vote election for Nov3 bill, to spare our health and life from CoVid Pandemic?
Like Biden Trump doesn't care and is not pushing his republican congressmen to approve the 3 trillion dollars bc, they see the workers as plantation- economic-slaves so Trump and Biden don't push bc the money is not for oilCorporations who both and their congressmen endlessly subsidize, to keep them from filing for bankrruptcy, bc both are war presidents who need oil for their deadly armies to engage in NeverEnding oil wars against Arabs& former soviet union rich oil fields in central Asia; Venezuela, to fund & resurrect nuclear arms race under the disguise of clean energy,etc!
Biden, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Trump& McConnell, pretend to talk for the people, specially the down trodden and children, callous& unrepentant they don't abrogate the omnibus law, countless prisons they billion funded, don't return Habeas Corpus rights for the People and don't abrogate deadly carbon but resurrect deadly nuclear radiation deceptively calling it clean electric energy producer, but you know deadly radiation is genocidal and no matter what they call it, it's not only dirty electricity but genocidal electricity produced by deadly nuclear radiation whose nuclear waste (uranium 4.5 million years& plutonium half life has 24 thousand years) lasts for endless generations doesn't decompose, but Biden the war criminal is obessed with nuclear arms race, including spacial arms race. We'll get no chance to survive bc of these cultists of death, who also are stuffing 500 mpp carbon gas, methane, nitrogen oxide... to our organs and blood flow.
As both candidates cultists of death by nuclear weapons& carbon pandemic fail to abrogate carbon now and fail to enact unemployment insurance for 30 million workers and fail to provide nationally mail-in vote for Nov 3 2020, how they expect us to CoVid-endanger our lives to elect them is irresponsible, narcissistic and unreasonable, bc our lives are more important to preserve, to care for our children and hrandchildren than live them famined orphans exposed to CoVId pandemic, specially when the massive CoVid killer is begining to reach us and by Nov3 it will be in its peak!
As there is no environmentalist candidate to be elected and to abrogate carbon now, I suggest we don't endanger ourselves for death cultistBiden & for GenocidalTrump bc we owe it to our children to remain healthy and alive than dying for these carbon pandemic candidates, bc nothing is going to chance with these con-men and we have to continue at the vanguard to abrogate carbon genocide!!

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