...same CarbonBankers are gassing us with deadly Carbon gases!

After gassing our innocent grandparents, these same CarbonBankers are gassing us with deadly carbon gasses!

Trump played the sadist game to masacre peaceful Wall of mothers& Wall of fathers protecting people of color protestors and falsely blame the economic ills of our nation on protestors by demonizing Americans as anarchists, terrorists & seditious people who came to destroy everything and sickly called his own republican congress women, "f...bitches" and while hiding true statustics of CoVid victims, Black Rocker CarbonTrump sought to score a violent victory over them, cocky enough to turn his loosing polls into an electoral victory as a "Strong law& order reelected president" but its all backfiring on him, bc our economy is in shambles due to CoVid, his refusal to accept& sign the 3 billion corona virus legislative relief package aproved by Congress last may, which includes unemployment checks for 30 million workers-tax payers. And then turning blamed the others for not renewing unemployment checks for 30 million workers-taxpayers!
With such unrepentant pattern of lies, 3 months before Nov3 elections, #CarbonTrump is handing the electoral victory to #CarbonBiden on a silver plate!
Black Rock carbon corporatists fund both carbon candidates, so no matter CarbonTrump's loss, theough CarbonBiden, it insures the perpetuation of deadly carbon Pandemic.
But CarbonTrump will bot concede defeat and there is the real potential of a constitutional crisis!
Be reminded CarbonBiden has refused to sign a contract with the People to abrogate carbon, bc once elected he will not honor his election promises to substitute carbon for Clean Energy but resurrect mass destructive Nuclear plants& nuclear arms race, with most of the 2 trillion dollars he is proposed, that is if he evet shows us the money, which he doesn't have it.
He deceived our votes and trust in two previous presidential elections[2009-2016] Obama- Biden and currently he may deceived again to become elected president.
It's sad Carbon& Banking are politically marrying throw Biden-Harris candidates bc money never sleeps and only moneyed candidates buy out the presidency and not the will of the people.
Before & after Nov3 elections, deadly carbon gas will keeep injuring and killing ovet 7 millions humand anually and our only hope andbour only means to stop deadly Carbon Pandemic, is massive civil disobedience, bc the whole steuctures created by carbon corporatists doesn't work, it will nevet work to abrogate carbon, but peaceful massive disobedience is the only means to #Abrogate CarbonNow& #AbrogateRedMeatNow to preserve our left over forests that produce oxygen& save our agonizing oceans, permafrost, glaciars, Biodiversity and our Mother Earth, rather than lament our being made to die by carbon gassing, as the carbonnazis did to our grandparents, these #SameCarbonBankersAreGassingUsWithDeadlyCarbonGases!

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