...stop kidnapping peaceful American protestors!

Do Not Pay Taxes Until Federal Officers W/O badges Stop Kidnapping peaceful American protestors!

Black Rock EliteCarbonCorportists can't get out from their Authoritarian-theocratic-academic dwarf helmets, imprisoning their brains and wrongly assume immigrants and people of color are linked to violent protests, hence follow CarbonTrump's & Xi Jinping's, Merkel's National Security laws, trying to impose their State-police-order, under their malicious excuse of "Law and order" and use CoVid19 and their militarized police as weapons&tools of social control, to preserved global Black Rock-Carbon Corporatists' interests & profits w/o caring for the deaths they are causing by simply demonizing their victims as anarchists& narco-terrorrists seditious trying to take away their normalcy.
They've got it wrong bc peacefulnprotestors expressing their constitutional grievances are no anarchists, narcoterrorists, nor seditious but are the tax payers who pay their carbon subsidiez, their undeserved fat salaries& fat pensions and its not fair that these unthankful bitches, pay us with war gorbidden tear gas, rubber bullets, chemical weapons of agression & deadly flash-bang granades against unarmed, innocent mothers who are the wall of mothers protecting the protestants. Injuring these moms is alienating the core of society and causing husbands and fathers to carry their wind blowers to protect mothers from tear gas, etc.

Chinesse officers w/o badges kidnap peaceful Hong Kongers. American FedOfficers w/o badges nor identifications, kidnap peaceful protestors in unmarked vans!
Chad Wolfe uses the childish excuse that his armed fed officers woukd be in danger if they are identified. But that's an insidious& malicious lie, bc its his Fed officers who kidnap and not the other way around!
Everything that is kept secret, is inheritedly evil, deadly and unconstitutional and that's why they hide it!
There is no difference both kidnappers are acting unconstitutionally& violating human rights, etc!
These kidnappings are evidence of dead squads policies imposed by USA globally alleging they are fighting narcoterrorism unjust& unconstitutional& violate international law and it's time to stop bc wall of mothers, wall of fathers are tax payers and not terrorists!
The more BlackRock Corporatist & govs use militarized fed officers& gang-member-police to hurt and kill peaceful, innocent and unarmed mothers, fathers& protestors, the bigger the protest movements grow in Sttutgart, Franfurt, Oregon...globally, & continue to grow in numbers and strength and liars as Mr Trump& Xi Jinping will have no one to blame but themselves!
While BlackRockers like Mr Trump& Jinping keep feeding their neurotic agenda of a Police State to their media, they choose not to see the truth that their racism, 5X carbon Pandemia, famine CoVid, unemployment Covid, killer-police-Covid, Fedofficers-kidnappers Covid, CoVid Pandemia...are the causes of global protests, and that these are not lead by anyone but self convocated protestors sick& tired of Mr Trump's, Mr Ping, Mrs Merkel BlackRock Autoritarian corporatism turning Into a Police State, to impose their police-State-order, but we peaceful, innocent tax payers are sick and tired they subsidize carbon endlessly but refuse to subsidize the people& the environment which they are irreversibly destroying with trillions of carbon emissions tons&2 trillion dollars bail out to dying EU carbon businesses that have no reason to exist but continue to cause over 7 million humans annual deads, bc BlackRockers keep gassing us with deadly carbon dioxide, methane, etc.

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