The Constitutional demand for separation of Church and State Mandates the Father Serra Statue be Removed from places of honor at Ventura city hall.

Being born in dogmatic-theocratic- family, causes us to perpetuate theocratic-corpocratic dictatorship of a State within a State.

Corporations are vertical structures ruled by CEOS, who form a monopolistic Carbon-religious command headed by the BlackRock ruler of Humanity.
Truth is, No one found the tombs of Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Jesus & Mary.
 The idea of them comes to us only by theocratic-dogmatic imposition from the book of hatred, racism, genocide & its Apocalyps, written during the GraecoRoman JulioClaudians time of imperial rule.
   JosephVII/Julius Caesar Divis, was Joseph, Agrippina was Mary and Agustus Divi-filius Augustos Claudius was Jesus son of the God Julius Caesar.
   The imperial JulioClaudians ruled from Judea as High priest & from Rome as Caesar"
And their descendants Helena, Mother of Christian Emperor Constantine took the imperial title
Augusta Emperatrix/ Apoteosis. Emperatrix Helena traveled as Mary the young traveling from Caesarea to Palestine in 260-339AD, found the third cross that healed the woman as the holy cross. And she found the holy nails of the cross, & the holy tunic in her way to Jerusalem, where she magically found the
Holy Sepulcre church, the church of Nativity in Bethelem & the church of Eleona on the Mount of Olives. Hence Helena perpetuated the Graeco-Roman cult of christian writings of the dogmatic-belief of Jesus ascending to the clouds as Elijah before him.
   This was the early Graeco-Roman Christian Divine/human ruling of an imposed Church&State. Then, you couldn't be an appointed authority if you didn't embraced christianity !
But since the time of Eusebius, the separation of Church and State was accepted & Honored.
   The church was ruled indepedent since the Roman bishop council, which imposed the Nicean council's decision & Nicean Credo during Eusebius time, including Atanasius belief of a divine & human Jesus. This caused the Jew's (Hebrews) separation from the early Graeco Christian Church.
    The english monarchy separated from the rest of European royals with their belief kings were both divine & Human (ideal of the King's two bodies)
and imposed their english king's colonial govt centuries later followed by George Washinghton's presidential term. This began  in the US,  the official idea of separation of church and State; enforced soonafter by its constitution & 3 branch government.
     As most western cities, Ventura, California was founded by native Americans (Chumash) but Miguel Junipero Serra imposed his dogmatic/Theocratic beliefs on Native Amercans by coercion punishble by flagelations and/ or death.  200 years after Serra's death, the Franciscan Order, seeking sainthood for Serra, rewrote history, purged countless pages of rape, beatings, and deaths caused by the religious zealot franciscans and eventually Serra was  sainted by Rome.
   Today the dogmatic Theocrats want to continue imposing their beliefs and Religious statues in the domain of the state, via the City of Ventura. Some allege Serra founded the city of Ventura, but this is false. The Spanish colonized and "claimed" the city in 1766, before Serra reached the Americas. Serra died around 1825, and Ventura was not recreated as the U.S. city we know today until after the 1850 takeover from Spain by the U.S.
   In 1866 the California city of San Buenaventura was reestablished, long after Serra's death.
   So, beyond the theocratic/dogmatic lie that Serra is our founder; beyond the dogmatic/theocratic lie that Serra was "kind and loving" to the native population, is the mandate of the U.S. Constitution which requires the brass idol of Miguel Junipero Serra be separated from its place of honor on the public parkland in front of Ventura City hall.
   The question of the Serra Statue does not fall under the parameters of  the will of most of the people, those want to impose their dogmatic- Theocratic belief that hold no historical authority or legal authority. Nor does it fall under the antiRacist ideal of respect for the few remaining descendants of a people who suffered genocide at the hands of the colonialist Priests.  It behooves all peoples who desire the freedom to peacefuly live as they please in the city of Ventura to do so within the bounds of the rule of law and within the bounds of the Constitution &State.
All racist systemic opressors such as Serra, can be revered & honored inside their private religious properties. But they no longer may stand in view of the city & State.  We citizens don't live under a tyranical dogmatic theocracy but in a free country governed by our 244 year old Constitution.
The mandate then is, that this statue, built to honor a man who perpetrated genocide against the Original people of Ventura, must be removed, not just from the place of honor in front.of city hall, but also its wooden model must be removed from the city hall lobby.
These two statutes must needs be disposed of without delay. There is no socioeconomic or political structure accepted to continue honoring genocider in our city of Ventura, CA.

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