The creator of all power: The People!

The creator of all power: The People!
When the Elite State-within-a-State get their chosen carbon president, he takes your vote as a blank check for his term without any obligation to honor the promises of his platform used to get your vote as all previous carbonElitepresidents before him, Trump broke his promises and starts enacting his EliteState agenda by deregulating by executive order, all environmental protection laws, to favor his CarbonEliteState's interests, so his oil cohorts lay oil pipes without caring for your health, your drinking water, your food plants and oxygen and intoxicate you, your community with lead, etc.
Grassroot organizations, indigenous tribes, clinate activists piggy bank their meager savings and for months or years sue and rarely win.
But after a long time, recently environmentalists based on the NEPA law won in Federal courts against toxic CarbonPolluters:
1] The Dakota access pipeline.
2] KeyStone XL pipelines.
3]Atlantic coast pipeline.
But the CarbonEliteState within a State, are asking Trump to get rid of the NEPA law and as soon as Trump gets rid of the NEPA law, the sky's the limit for his carbon polluting cohorts!
As you can see, court victories are short lasting. And this evil parasite CarbonElite State within a State, always gets their carbon candidate elected as president as is the case of #RacistCarbonJoeBiden& #RacistCarbonTrump, bc with their $billions they get in subsidies, they separate few billions to get Biden or Trump elected and once in office, if its Biden he will increase to 20XCarbon emissions.
As you can see the Structures these Evil parasite CarbonEliteState within a State, designed for them to win and once in office they continue leeching on us tax payers!
But we have to remember ancient Greek democracy and apply it as they did against Olygarchic abuse, which is what we 3rd millenium humans experience.
The legitimate authority comes first from people and we the people are the ones who hire and fire apprentice presidents anytime and at all times and we don't wait for 4 years!
The Constitution is a created contract and the 3 branches are created by the People
When the executive branch unjustly abuses us by injustly abrogating NEPA law, or SCOTUS/Supreme Court abuses us with their exemption proviso on the CARE law, denying us birth control etc, we are not being treated equally but discriminated against and segregated for having a religious employer and once the created branches of government and the created Constitution doesn't provide us a just remedy bc, SCOTUS or Trump/ Obama discriminated against us by enacting knowingly this exemption proviso of the Care act, then we the people, the maxumun authority over the Created constitution& the created branches of Govt act as Athenians peacefully but massively until Trump stops or if he refuses to stop abusing and discriminating us by making an exemption to his cohorts of the EliteState within the State, then we the people don't act with violence bc the EliteState within the State is a zilion times armed and will exterminates us unjustly as Hitler did to innocent Jews.
We don't act a few, bc the EliteState within the State with their overfunded military will throw us to¹ unjust imposed jail.
But if we act massively as Ghandi, MLKing, day after day till the inferior created president or inferior created SCOTUS submits to their creator: The People, whom all power emanates from and who has the absolute power over the created Constitution and all created branches of Gov!

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