The LeachEliteState within the State!

The LeachEliteState within the State! (Part3)

American environmentalists are deeply hurt by Carbon Trumps genocidal 5X carbon increase, carbon subsidiez policies against Humanity, Mother Earth, biodiversity, overfunding racist police, etc
In looking to the facts of this presidential 2020 race, its undenyable the Elite State within the State overfundedr
both Racist carbon Candidates.
B Sanders began as the front runner from the beginning till the EliteState's actors of power colluded to save looser and about to drop candidate of theirs, by having Clobacher, Pete& a 3rd primary candidate suddenly out of the blue, dropped before Super Tuesday primaries and these 3 endorsed their Elitecandidate JoeBiden.
This sudden collusion buried front runner Sanders and set up ConcealedJoeBiden as the front runner after it assured the EliteState within the State, to preserve their interests, and it became clear the EliteState has 2 Racist carbon candidates, so no matter which of them wins, it assures their ill gotten and hoarded economic interest are protected& preserved!
The EliteStates media assures CarbonTrump to lose November 3 2020 elections by magnifying his mistake of mishandling one of the decisive issues of this election: CoVid Pandemia!
Take note we do not support Trump and his loss is timed by the Elitist State within the State, evidenced by George Bush Jr launching a Republican superpack for CarbonJoeBiden, added to superpacks in the Democratic party. Bc JoeBiden assured The LeachElitist State within the State to keep economically expanding 20X carbon during a Biden presidency!
The Elite's media continues to favor Joe Biden by denying overqualified columnists and favoring homemaker Jill Biden, to bat for her bully& racist husband.
Indeed the media hides both Bidens are bullies and assault people questioning walking liability Biden's record, for being a sexual assaulter, beater of dissenters, co- author of the occupation of Irak, Afghanistan, the one Jerusalem policy maker, multiple oil wars, arms race, carbon Pandemia, abrogation of Habeas Corpus legal relief, overfunding for prisons, 5x incarceration of people of color compared to whites, overfunding racist police, transfirmong our streets into combat zones against tax payers with his militarized police during his 8 years vicepresidency, attacking u with armored carriers, assault rifles, tear gas, choque holds, deportation of 4 million mexicans, who they racially stigmatized as " Matamoros" instead of granting them a path to citizenship by amnestying all working inmigrants who paid their fat wages& fat pensions with their taxes, etc.
Conflict if interests sufferer Jill Biden wrote to aide her racist candidate husband, "E Plurisbus unem/out of many one"
His& hers promises and dreams are useless whitewash for Biden's antiBlack, antiMexican, antiLatino racist policies as congressman& 8 years Vicepresident and are seeking votes out of their own victims, to make it to the presidency, but once a liar, always a liar!
The Bidens lack credibility and desperate, will say whatever they think we'd like to hear, to climb to the throne!
With what moral authority the Bidens' make out of many, one? Biden since 1994 to present, took away our legal right of Habeas Corpus, without the USA being at war?
Wait The Leach Elite State headed by Bidens& Clintons created & made war against U.S. Black citizens, Latinos, Mexicans, Native Americans tax payers with their Onmibus Law and warred against seniors citizens by freezing their annual inflation rate increase to their meager income from Social Security, now Jill asks to vote for her husband, the very author of their unjust famine: JoeBiden!

With what moral authority can the bidens talk to Non-Aryan whites of police failed police reforms that increase terror and racist killings of tax payers by their overfunded police?
With what moral authority
the Bidens' talk of their out of many, one, when they refuse to sign a notarized contract for our vote in exchange of abrogating Carbon Pandemia that is prematurely killing over 7 million humans annually due to cancer JoeBiden's subsidized oil causes.
JoeBiden only cares for his elite's carbon interests, which made them rich at the cost of our health, lives, planet Earth, biodiversity, pushong us near the edge of going extinct!
Either JoeBidenAbrogates carbon or he will go on his own without our votes, bc we refuse to vote for Biden's carbon perpetuation, which leads us everyday closer to the edge of extinction of all living beings.
The bidens mean out of many breeds one: EliteJoeBiden
& want to continue to impose their racism& economic shackels& cuffs to the many by:
Their PaxRomana in oilwars from the middle east, to central Asia, Venezuela, artic, antartic, the oceans-and-oceans' floors to extract oil, gas& rare minerals to enrich their LeachElite State within the State, at the cost of every living being, including Americans, humanity, Biodiversity, land, water& the oxygen we need to breath every second of our lives and replace it with carbon, in our lungs, organs; methane and niteigen oxide besides s thousand chemicals used in fracking shale!
We Americans as part of humanity must realize, like #RacistCarbonTrump, #RacistCarbonJoeBiden is worst bc, he hides from campaigning in person to avoid being questioned for his endless toxic carbon subsidiez ..and once in office, unrepentant Biden will increase to 20XCarbon emissions, so don't vote for any of these 2 carbon candidates bc carbon Pandemia+ mutating10foldPandemia+Famine Pandemia and forest fires will make life on Earth closer to extinction and we the people of the true State will continued being leached by the parasite #LeachEliteStateWithinTheState, keeping us as shackeled economic slaves!

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