The People's peaceful Vangardists are fighting for the future of USA& Humanity!

The People's peaceful vanguardists are fighting for the future of USA&Humanity in Portland, Oregon & beyond!

Never mind the unthankful mighty bitches BlackRockers in Gov attacking with weapons of war against our own tax payers, who pay their fat salaries& fat pensions, bc The People's peaceful vanguard brigades of The Wall of Moms dressed on yellow; gas blowing dads wearing orange; School teachers wearing green decal, "Teachers against tyrants", Health professionals off work wearing white, scientists wearing " Scientists for Black Lives Matter": purple dressed lawyers with shirts decal "Lawyers for BLM"; vets wearing a helmet of their branch, etc.
These civil brigadists are the core of society and are the vanguard against CarbonTrump's tyranni through his deadly paramilitary FedOfficers&police like Nazi SS officers, one step a time, materializing ilegal martial law without just cause& against the Constitution& the People, try to clean the streets off any American who peacefully dissents with Tyrant's Martial law in Portland Oregon and beyond, seeking to crash them and capture reeleccion as a defacto Defender of Democracy but everything the Tyrant alleges, are absolute lies!
And street presence of countless protest brigadists of all walks of society, share dinning from common dinner pots& some local restaurants cater free fresh food,ice water and yogourt to show their apreciation and thanks to the risks these vangardists are taking fir the good of everyone!
These vanguardists have come voluntarily from all over Oregon and countless States, are protectors of protestors against Aryan paramilitary fed Officers and they are not afraid of the tyrant's heavely armed police.
California vets, upon seeing a vet being unjustly beaten and gassed as he was reminding the camouflaged kidnapper-FedOfficers, "Any of you remember the oath you took when you were in service, to defend the constitution and not violate it?"
Incensed of the tyrants paramilitary SS Gestapo assault on their fellow vet, these california vets with their own money, purchased gas masks from every army-navy stores in Washinghton, Oregon & California and transported them to Portland and freely gave them away to TheWall of Moms' and every vanguardist, so they can survive the cowarly attacks from the SS Gestapo-Fed officers, who have gassed even the mayor of Portland in his own city, but all these brutal&nasty violations against peaceful unarmed brigadists, has grown its numbers and strength, as it did in late 1920 when the Fed government ordering armed National guardsmen wanted to kill them all, but war vets began hand to hand combat and the active military commanders then refused to massacre fellow vanguard vets and the People.
History is repeating itself in America and in Portland is beeing decided this presidential election, the future of USA and Humanity and these vanguardists and protestors are writing history as is and posting it in social media, live-stream and time will tell us the turns and twists and the results of who survives!
When we claim back the government will it be "The gov by the people, for the people and of the people" who puts the welfare of the people first, Biodiversity and Solar Energy and veganism? Or will it be stolen to perpetuate deadly carbon pandemic, besides stealing our future as Americans& Humans under a martial Law Government/NaziFascism?
Vanguadists& protectors let's defend the Will of The people and defend, protect and preserve the Constitution!

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