The Supreme Authority of the land is: The People!

A call to remember the Supreme Authority of the land is The People!

Since ancient Athens to the present, the People is the supreme Law& Authority of the land and #NOTanOlygarchicCorporatrElitestate within a State!
We americans must not believe the created creatures are the supreme authority over the creator: The People!
We americans must remember the constitution is a created creature by the creator: The people!
We americans must remember the 3 branches of government are creatures created by the creator: The People!
We americans must remember the final arbiter of all disputes is the creator of the constitution& of the 3 branches of Govt: The People born naturally and after us is the created creature SCOTUS!
We Americans must remember the created Congress is a creature and the supreme authority over the creature is The People!
We american citizens must remember the presidency is a created creature and supreme to the creatures is The People, who the president and all other created creatures must submissively serve: The People!
We citizens must remember, a robot who is creature created by the People must submit to the creator: The People, hence the Corporation being a lifeless robot creature can't have same rights and more rights than us the naturally born citizens, therefore John Marshall, Morrison Waite and all members of SCOTUS in violation of the People and in violation of the secondary source of power, the Constitution, has been committing errors in giving personhood to robo Corporation, a creature and we the People will not validate nor accept a mistaken creatute SCOTUS to give the threatening Genocidal Carbon Corporations having personhood and powers ob the say so of SCOTUS, the created creature, bc we yhe peop lb e are the supreme soirce and authority of the land and all creatures, includi g SCOTUS must submit to the authority of the People and take away personhood for created creature carbon corporations, who with their 5x toxic carbon emissions is about to extinct our health and our lives, stuffing our lungs by gassing us genocidally with carbon dioxide gas, as Hitler genocidally gassed our innocent ancestors with zyklon B gas!

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