To be or not to be vaccinated against CoVid19!

To be or not to be vaccinated against CoVid19!

It's friday and ots the deadline for 30 million taxpaying workers to get back some of the taxes paid by Republican& Democrats in congress to agree and aprove unemployment insurance payments to pay their rent bills but Trump's death cultist Mitch McConnell wants employers' liability law to protect them for sending to Work their workers in second wave CoVid deadly conditions and be killed in mass and their widows and orphans will have no legal right to sue for their bread earners' wrongful death!
But Trump's deadly twin, #CarbonJoe Biden for all his talk doesn't care whether we workers die or live and he is continued to refuse to lead street protests for 30 million workers to get it and keeps hiding in silence till he gets elected!

Biden's evil Twin Carbon Trump continues competing with him as a violent caudillo and unblinking his against our countries increasing protestors, specially us Portland Protestors, plays his game who chickens out first!
We're not alone bc from grandmother brigadists, to Wall of Moms, Dad leaf blowers brigadists, School teacher brigadists, health worker brigadists and people of color civilian army have our mayor, our Oregon Governor inviting Trump& his GestapoFed officers to leave our State and go back to his rat hole, but only time will tell if he ever listens.
But these two evil carbon genociders whose followers allege they are saviors and both say they are the only ones who can fix.

These megalomaniac-neurotics live in their own bubble world, away from 150k innocents CoVid casualties & over 7 million humans anually gassed genocided by their deadly carbon gas, methane gas, nitrogen oxide, mercury and a thousand deadly chemicals high pressured pumped by fracking for oil& their euphemistic natural gas but they know its toxic fossil gas.

For 8 years VP Biden gave away billions of dollars to peovate pharmaceuticals corporations in exchange to research vaccines but they wasted them bc the pharmaceuticals didn't produce any CoVid vaccine, but asked more money.
Trump has been giving away billions of dollars to many pharmaceuticals corporations for private profit, among then Johnson and Johnson, Astrazeneca etc and in the last 24 hrs has signed a 2.1 billion dollars contract with an Anglo-French pharmaceutical, to be posibly patented mid year 2021.

How can these pompous asses give away billions of dollars for something that doesn't exist and they don't know if it doesn't work, but worse like Biden, Trump signed for a million CoVid Vaccines with the AngloFrench pharmaceutical.
Will we get the money back, if it doesn't work?

But the mentally derranged Tantrum throwing candidate, signed it bc knowing his irrespnsible mishandling of Covid Pandemic, carbonazi kidnappings of Portland city protestors and his disatrous economic policies have already cost him the elections but in his desperate effort to turn his Nov3 election defeat around, he is signed contracts with all those pharmaceuticals corporations, to hoard CoVid vaccines before they are trialed and are unpatented, so if they work, he will have a global monopoly on them and with those vaccines, he will extortion desperate countries to do as he says so penalty of CoVid mass deaths!
The fact remains, Trump is making this rush for these Covid19 vaccines, so the dumb can reelect him!

Not so quick herr AdolfdDTrump, bc vaccines have disastrous consequences humans have already experienced, like Polio and other vaccines, caused immune deficiencies in millions of vaccinated people, who now suffer of Lupus, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers, Neural fibromatosis, Autism, etc.
Every vaccines if left scores of victims and pharmaceuticals who made tons of dollars of quick profits, have not atone for causing massive permanent disabilities on innocents who were not forewarned of these permanent consequences, have to deal the rest of their lives.
It's not pleasant to promise you a magic cure and leave you with permanent inmune and physical disabilities and these carbon presidential candidates are doing exactly that!
A CoVid19 vaccine barely tried on 10k people as guinea pigs, doesn't guarantee it will not destroy your natural immune system, but leave you permanently exposed to disabilities or other illnesses by virtue of loosing your immune system, which was defending you quite well against illnesses until a CoVid rushed by billions of dollars of profit was injected to you and you can't reverse the damage they permantly leave you with. To make matters worst, should you decide to protect your child from this CoVid rushed mid 2021 year vaccine, they are enacting laws to incarcerate you under the excuse of endangering your child, and persecute you with your own phone which has embedded chips or Apps to track CoVid but its you who is being invaded and tracked, unjustly treating you as a criminal.
Scores like me, have refused vaccines and our natural immune system is defeated measles, small pox...and CoVid19 after a few weeks of quarentine and medical assistance and there is no reason for me or others like me, to expose our inmune system to be permanently distroyed by Trump- pharmaceutical's  2.1 billion dollars 0prior-to-be- patented CoVid19 vaccine contract.

And if by miracle the 2.1 billion dollar antiCovid19 would work, but after permanently tampering with your natural immune system, the virus mutates and leaves you expose to die by countless mutations of CoVid19 and there is no vaccine for all these mutating post CoVid19 viruses and your children and you will lament but too little to late!
So before you are brainwashed into rushing to a miracle Trump CoVid19 billionaire vaccine, think hard if you want to rush to be vaccinated along with your kids under the illusion it will take you back to normalcy.
Bc of carbon pandemic& mutating Covid19 Pandemic, there is no way to go back to the past!

Be cautious, patient and wait and see how and what colateral permanent effects Trump's Covid19 Vaccines may bring to those who rushed to be vaccinated and after years and after investigators produce you medical evidence that Trump's covid19 vaccine works, then make your best decision for you& your kids, bc its your health, your immune system and th ok se of your loved kids that are stake and only you must make that fully informed decision, as to be or not be vaccinated against CoVid19 and its countless mutations which pharmaceuticals can't see it even in a crystal ball or what have you!
May say, if you or anyone you know fall prey to CoVid19, try survivor's plasma before you or your doctors tamper with your inmune system.

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