To free themselves or to be marked for death by RacistCarbonDictatorAnez

To free themselves or to be marked for death by RacistCarbonDictatorAnez!

Bolivia is in deep sociopolitical&economic& CoVidPandemis crisis and about to become a failed state without a president.
Theocrat Corporatist Authoritarian Jeanine Anez is out of the presidency for 14bdays due to CoVid. Due to Bolivia,'s sanitary colapse to CoVid Pandemia, her health Minister is resigned and Anez before leaving designated fascist caudillo F Lopez to the health Ministry while remaining Defense minister.
F Lopez is a complete bull headed ignorant who lead the Bolivian Genocides that brought them to power, who has no idea how to administer the State and has no medical education nor knows how to deal with CoVid Pandemia.
Bolivians are dying at home without much Pandemia help such as respirators& pandemia gear and as this Pandemia is growing exponentially, as many will die home or on the streets, to cut life losses the people should go to the streets and free themselves from this unfit and dictatorAnez, as this Giv has no one to suceed her, Bolivians should elevate @SergioChoqueS to the presidency as constitutionally mandate president and ship Anez to her mamsuon in Miami, USA to be near her master racistCarbonTrump.
To leave Bolivia for 14days without a president is going to skyrocket CoVid victims and materialize a failed State, sped up by a power vacuum left by dictatorAnez.
Rather than uselessly die home with CoVid if Bolivians go to the streets with peaceful masdive disobedience, paralizing the country, AnezGov will be gone and they will be free from repression & humsn rights violations by the AnezGov.
To miss this lifesaving moment of Anez abandoning the presidency by medical incapacity, is wreckless, irresponsible and foolishly suicidal.
Man up and submitting to the constitution SergioChoqueS must take the oath to office or resign and let the next in the ALP to take the constitutiobaly mandated presidencial succession or resign themselves to suffer skyrocket deaths by CoVid and by returning Anez who will perpetuate herself and keep killing indians, who she publicly called "satanic indians with satanic rituals", for caring for Mother Earth!

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