Trapped in between badcop- goodcop Biden's&Trump's game!

Trapped in between Biden-Trump bad cop-good cop game.

As tax payers and citizens we are targetted to use our vote& after the carbon conman is elected, they don't need us till next election& forget to honor their electoral promises and they use our vote to allege, I was elected you can't fire me for my bad job performance in office!
Biden used trillions of dollars to overfundpolice& make countless prisons, made multiple Neverending Oil wars, took away our Habeas corpus and intoxicate us with methane, carbon dioxide gas, nitrogene oxide. But mother Theresa like Biden recites to con once himself, "Americans, I care for you, I will provide you child care, care for your senior citizen parents and pay you for caring for caring for your parents"
But who is going to believe this fake mother Theresa, who send our soldiers to die in the surge in Neverending oil wars, to enrich himself along with his carbon genociders?
When he was VP disposing of trillions of dollars he didn't care to provide all his new offers for child care, parents care etc and he can't resurrect our dead parents who died without Biden's care, so its too little too late for him to try to dupe us again as before!
He alleges he will transition to Electric Energy.
Who is going to believe JoeBidenPinochio, when he is made a career bankrolled by carbon pandemic oil corporations and he gave them endless subsidiez over and over again, to carbon Pandemic corporatists and you think he is going to go against carbon corporations?
Forget it, its Biden's doubly speaking by yhe sides of his con-man's mouth.
If you elect him, he will use 2 trillon dollars to produce toxic dirty electricity instead of clean solar energy and above all, he will resurrect dead nuclear corporations to produce token dirty electricity bc Biden will use most of his 2 trillion dollars if he ever produces it by taxing carbon, to resurrrect deadly nuclear corporations, to use most of that money for nuclear arms race against russians& chinesse.
Waste of money bc since 1960 Mutual assured Destruction, had deterred everyone and they signed a Nuclear Freeze, which we abandoned it, to re- start arms race again, which will destroy our world!
By 2035 we'll be long dead about going extinct bc multiple climate tipping points are being exceeded now, in the Artic, Siberia, etc, so Biden's carbon neutral by 2035, its too little to late and he knows it!
If Biden care for people, when he was VP he would have been a rogating carbon and by 2035 he knows its a lying election campaign of his.
Look at hipocrite liar Biden playing Bad cop-good cop with his endless useless police reforrm talks but he keeps overfunding police and refuses to lead us on the streets against police killers of innocent citizens of color, but Joe es ready to ask us to vote for him.
If he cared he would be fundraising billions against CoVid& offering with his own money free coVid Tests, but do we ser Biden marching to protect people against CoVid or protect citizens from being shot with rubber bullets, chemical weapons, Flashlight bomb grenades.
After all, in 2011 it was Biden who pushed Obama to sign this antiterrorist law called National Defense Authorization Act/NDAA, which his evil gemini Twin, Trump is using by ordering fed officers go to wage war against our Portland, Oregon.
Yes, the Portland police& fed officers have the pattern of converting portland's streets transporting aryan white protestors against our peaceful grievance protestors and Trump is converted the streets into battlefileds, shooting at us by ordering his right hand Chad, to order to shoot rubber bullets, chemical weapons, flash-bang granades, which has injured many peaceful tax payers and broken into small groups, where these fed oficcers kidnap the ones they singled out and we ask, to which foreign prison are they flying them, to repeat their war on terror torture of beatings, sleep deprivation, hoods on the head& coerced confessions?
This is their good cop- bad cop game, carbon candidateJoeBiden& CarbonCandidateTrump play with our lives, after they demonize anyone as anarchists& terrorists, which we are not but unarmed citizens peacefully redressing our constitutional grievances against their carbon Pandemia, police abuse against people of color, etc.

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