What Carbon Corporations do...

What carbon corporations do: Dirty stuffing the victims!

After John Marshall, but by the forgery and collusion of chief Justice Morrison Waite, justice Field, Southern Pacific train railroad defense counsel Conkling& the Court reporter, created by forgery and collusion, the corporation, who now has more rights than humans, is inmune and impune and policy making by all legal & ilegal means, like a robot out of control, the carbon corps have been through 3rd parties& Govs, overthrowing oil govs from power, to steal their trillionaire oil, gas & fracking shale oil.
Among them Chevron has been attempting to overthrow from Chavez to N Maduro, to seize by framing means, Sitgo Oil, venezuelan billions of dollar accounts in the USA and gold in the Bank of England. And last year out of the blue made a fake president out of Guaido by having multiple govs recognize fake president of venezuela, as the president and have waged against the world's oil richest victim, economic& legal warfare to starve them, leave them without medications and without respirators against CoVid, without spare parts and petrochemicals to paralize venezuelan oil refineries. Didn't stop and went on to attempt against 5 oil ships with Persian oil to Venezuela! And lately have colluded with ship fleet owners, not to transport any persian gasoline to the people of Venezuela, by threatening not only seize their ships but blacklist them& bankrrupt them. All these agression actions happened above the rule of law and against international treatises and against international law. But the Carbon corporations have continue to engage in criminal retaliations against Venezuela's elected president N Maduro.
We would feel better if Maduro is no president and we have no use for toxic oil nor for Maduro.
But we continue to bring you only the facts as they are!
The carbon corporations hired 3rd parties and opened the doors to Trump and his cabinet.
Listening to carbon corps, Trump promoted out of the blue J Guaido as a paralell president with a venezuelan kingdom of godly oil, (the biggest on earth) to replace people elected president Maduro.
The third parties used Rendon, who hired SilverCrop, a mercenary bounty Cia, to make a plan, and when Gudreou did, they signed a contract for Operation Resolution, signed by Juan Gaido, Rendon, Goudreau, etc and gotten administration legal advise to frame the attempt kidnapping and overthrow of Maduro, by framing him with false Narcotraficant terrorist charges.
Then the media published the framed charges Narcoterrorism against Maduro as if it was the truth and nothing more than the truth.
And with the blessing of the Oil Corps, the administration, Colombian Gov and the opposition& hired Silvercrop. A venezuelan billonaire participant of operation Resolution, provided a private cessna jet to fly green Beret veterans to the Colombian border with Venezuela, there they beefed up the invading armed forces to hundreds and weeks later, after releasing a video, the former greennBeret mercenaries boarded a boat for their objective and thought, since the UN antiNarcotrafficl law gave them the alibi to say it was an iperation against a universal narcoterrorist, they were the good guys who were to liberate Venezuela, by taking Narcotraficant Maduro.
If they succeeded, the white house would commend them, Guaido as the only sitting president, not only would pay almost 2 million dollars for taking Maduro before A Florida federal court but named them heroes and the EU who along with Trump ctatapulted Guaido to be a president would clap.
Carbon Corps would have pockeyed trillions of dollsrs from the biggest reserve of oil of the World:Venezuela!
Secret Operation Resolution to eliminate from people's live, Maduro, is not any extraordinary operation. The carbon Companies have done it before against Oil rich presidents and Non-Oil rich presidents.
Their victims include, J Arbenz from Guatemala, Mossadek from Persia, R G Bush. G Villarroel, R Barrientos from Bolivia, Omar Torrijos from Costa Rica. J Roldos from Ecuador, J C Aristide from Haiti.
In fact when Aristide was still safe in the capital of Haiti, US troops kidnap him and three him out of power to Africa. And Maduro was going to be one more, but the latter wasn't sleeping and No soon the former Green Berets embarked, venezuelan troops decimated an armed mercenary platoon of 10
Anothet platoon of 11 were captured and former Greenn Beret Denn im crissexamination admitted he was going to get 100k for kidnapping and turning Maduro to a Florida Federal Court.
What happened to US not following the rule of law, to violating international law, to have Maduro innocent till proven guilty before they couldvrequrst extradiction to a Florida Federal Court to trial the innocent accused that they didn't bother to practice " Justice the American way but kidnapping...?"
Sad to have to admit its all propaganda, bc the US military genocided countless indigenous tribes in northbAmerica and took their lands for free. Put slaves that were allegedly free under economic shackels, interned Japanesse Americans even as their children fought against Japan defending the country tgat imprisoned in cncentration internment camps, invaded and intoxicated with war forbidden weapons agent orange, and is currently involved in never ending oilwars in the middle east...
The administration was quick to deny any links to kidnapping Maduro and all signataries of operation Resolution denied their involvement but here comes the evidence:
The administration knows by american law it is a crime to kidnap and attempt against foreign dignataries:
If the Administration didn't know of the attempt against a foreign dignatary, how come to this day, they haven't arrested Gudreau, everyone from Silvercrop in Florida, for being a signatory of this mercenary operation and being masterminds along with Guaido and how is it they haven't arrested Guaidi and process him in a Florida federal court for being an accessory to crime and for being a mastermind of this failed operation Resolution?
Bc if they arrest Gudreau, Silvercrop, Guaido, in their trial, they would incriminate white house& State Dpt....
So the administration won't indict these hired and groomed mercenaries who repeated a failed bay of pigs not on cuba but in Venezuela, bc these people's attorneys have the signatures of the participants of the failed smoking gun and 3 months before Nov3 elections, it would be an election defeat and a criminal trial of defeated Trump. Therefore these failed men are untouchable, inmune and impune!
The exiting dilemma is for Maduro:
Do you have ballavto arrest& trial Guaido or in January with the election of carbonJoeBiden, Guaido the fake president will arrest you and trial you and transform his criminal face in that of a hero's face?
To you reader, advise you never get involved in taking the law into your hands and never work for these carbon corporations who control govs, bc at a flick of eye lashes, you fall in their eyes and they will throw your ass into prison after using you to commit crimes, as they used dictator Manuel Noriega of Panama and stole gis panama canal again, and after throwing his ass in prison, they deported and handed him to the french gov and you would die in prison like Noriega.
That's how bad are these Elite carbon corporations are and even to innocent climate defenders, they injure us stuffing carbon dioxide gas to our lungs/second and kill over 7 million victims annually with cancer caused by their carbon dioxide& methane & thousand deadly chemichals used in fracking!

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